What is Magic Arena Alchemy? | Alchemy

What is Magic Arena Alchemy? | How to play Alchemy, Magic Arena Alchemy? ; Magic Arena is launching Alchemy, a new Structured format that offers players access to build with some digital special cards.

Earlier this month, Magic: The Gathering fans were stunned when a brand new format for the collectible card game emerged. This was Pioneer's latest announcement back in 2019, but this time the new format is all about the Magic Arena platform.

alchemy, only the contemporary digital home of Magic: The Gathering Magic arena It is a brand new format that can be played and collected through The format includes brand new cards and rebalanced cards and is a bit of a digital twist on the popular Standard format.

The idea of ​​a digital-only format is very interesting and offers designs a chance to play in a new field with different potential and different limitations. As more Alchemy cards come out with each new set, it will be very exciting to see what wild combinations and builds the community has come up with. It will also be very interesting to see how the Alchemy meta differs from the Standard meta…

Alchemy | What is alchemy?

alchemy, is our new MTG Arena game mode based on the Standard format, which includes rebalanced Standard cards as well as re-digital Magic to create a fast, ever-evolving experience for our players.

Continuously Evolving Playback Mode

Build decks with Standard cards, new digital cards and rebalanced cards in a new MTG Arena game mode that evolves as fast as our players.

New-Digital Cards

alchemy, It will launch with 63 new digital Magic cards with mechanics specifically designed for digital gaming, and players can expect more new cards alongside each Standard set release.

Rebalanced Magic Cards

alchemy, It features rebalanced versions of existing Standard cards to shake up the meta for digital gaming. Players can expect these regular changes to the format to create a dynamic playback experience between Standard set versions.

How to Play Alchemy

like history, Alchemy will also be a new digital-only format playable in the MTG Arena. You'll be able to play Alchemy in both ranked and unranked Best of One and Best of Three matches.

Alchemy is also used for Midweek Charm, Festivals, etc. It will also take part in upcoming special events such as

How much do alchemy power-ups cost?

Players will be able to purchase Alchemy boosters individually for 1.000 gold or fifteen for 3.000 gems – the same price as Standard set boosters.

A special Alchemy pack containing 20 Alchemy boosters will be available for 3.000 gems or 15.000 gold, limited to one purchase per player.



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