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Lost Ark: Earn Gold Quickly | How to Earn Gold Fast, Fast Gold? ; NPCs get silver, but Lost Ark's market uses Gold. For those of you who want to get a lot of gold in a short time, here's how to do it.

It's frustrating to complete all the content of Lost Ark, go to the market, find that perfect item, and find out that the character is truly bankrupt. Ah, that little silver mountain? This means nothing. auction house gold uses money and that's why gold Those who don't have money don't have a chance.

Luckily, too many players in a short time. gold there is a way to get it. There are many other ways that take a lot of time, but this method is reliable and repeatable. It doesn't take more than a day to go from small to big shot in Lost Ark's global trading market.

Find a Traveling Merchant

Earn Gold Quickly
Earn Gold Quickly

Traders roaming the world spawn randomly. There are several ways to track them regularly. Guilds can ask their friends to quickly check the map for the gear icon. Speech is normal in most guilds, so feel free to ask.

For those more alone in the world, start switching from map to map after leveling up quickly. Those who have the Crystalline Aura can do so for free. For everyone else, this will cost some silver, but it's worth it. Silver can be easily cultivated but gold It is much more difficult to collect.

Buying and Selling Valuables

Earn Gold Quickly
Earn Gold Quickly

Each merchant has some items that are small buffs that others can make themselves. But they also have cards, Adventure Time essentials, and achievement-based items. These are incredibly valuable and far more valuable in the market than it costs as silver. Check to make sure the item is listed as tradable before purchasing.

Those who reach fifty will have a checklist of what they need and will want to complete the entries and finish the decks. Check other prices and offer a competitive price or a lower price than others are selling. Then, find the traveling merchant, buy their rare stocks, and gold repeat the selling process in return.

Other Ways to Obtain Gold

Earn Gold Quickly
Earn Gold Quickly

For those who do not have a silver capital, they can buy silver with this process. under It turns out that translation is not exciting. These other methods won't bring in a lot of gold, but they won't break the bank either.

  • Complete co-op navigation missions
  • Find hidden rooms in chaos dungeons
  • Make the first protective raid
  • Sell ​​handmade items, especially potions and grenades
  • Leveling up with NPCs
  • Search for gold-winning adventure islands

Of course gold There are other ways to achieve it, but these are some of the most consistent. In addition, achieving these is usually the case, as detailed here. under It also gives some silver rewards that can be converted.


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