Lost Ark: How to Level Up Fast? | Quick Level Up

Lost Ark: How to Level Up Fast? | Quick Level Up , Lost Ark Quick Level Up Tips ; As with any game with a content-laden endgame, players want to know the fastest way to max out on Amazon's Lost Ark.

Leveling up in Lost Arkis the first of many obstacles players must overcome to reach the end of the game. luckily Lost ArkIt's also incredibly easy to level up in . Solo content is child's play and MSQ is generous in experience so players can level up quickly.

Lost ArkThe characters in ' start at level 10. Current soft title is level 50, hard title is level 60. It could be argued that the actual content doesn't start until the end of the game and the loot will be disabled frequently. until then, players should focus on reaching the level cap as quickly as possible.

Lost Ark: How to Level Up Fast? | Quick Level Up

Completing Missions


Completing the Main Story Quest or MSQ will reward the most experience for players. Therefore, if leveling up is the player's goal, this should be given priority. Players should be able to reach level 40 just by completing the MSQ.

Side Quests

Side quests give almost as much exp as MSQ and rank relatively well with MSQ in terms of completion. Players should pick them up when they see them and knock them out for a healthy boost to levels.

Instant Missions

Throughout Lost Ark, there will be several Sudden Quests spawning. These are similar to the FATEs in Final Fantasy 14. Despite the time limit and restricted areas they must complete, they are usually easy to complete. They will give more exp than side quests, so it should always be done when they spawn.

Use Speed ​​Over Links To Level Up Faster

Lost Arkin level up fast Speed ​​is the name of the game when it comes to it. Before leaving the starting city, players are given a mount. The mount's summon time is almost instantaneous, so it should be used at every opportunity to quickly navigate the expanding maps. Additionally, use them to switch quickly, as Triports are unlocked on the map. Yes, there is a cost associated with these, but they are relatively small and fairly easy to recover from.

Lost Ark While playing, the primary goal of players should be to unlock the ending. The story only drives so much of the content, and many players will cultivate Chaos Dungeons, Journeys, and Protective Raids. However, the multiplayer works after the login is complete, but doesn't really do anyone any good until the end of the game. So, to maximize playtime and rewards, it's best to do everything alone until you reach the soft limit of level 50. At this point, take a few friends in and smash the endgame into pieces.


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