Lost Ark: How to Change Mouse Controls?

Lost Ark: How to Change Mouse Controls? ; Lost Ark relies heavily on the mouse for most movements and actions in the game; How to change the controls is explained in our article…

Lost Ark has certainly taken the gaming world by storm, becoming one of the most played games on Steam as well as one of the most watched on Twitch. However, the game has had its share of problems at launch, including being delayed a few minutes before launch.

Most of the actions performed in Lost Ark are point-and-click gameplay, which relies heavily on the mouse. When using the mouse so much, customizing the controls and connections is incredibly important, and Lost Ark gives gamers plenty of options to truly flip their mouse controls so they're optimized for each gamer.

Lost Ark: How to Change Mouse Controls?

Changing Mouse Controls in Lost Ark

Changing mouse controls in Lost Ark First of all, the players on the keyboard Esc by pressing Settings menu and select Settings. The settings menu allows players to customize many aspects of the game, including the graphics and how to access the Guild menu, and both keyboard, mouse and controller controls.

Lost Ark: How to Change Mouse Controls?
Lost Ark: How to Change Mouse Controls?

The first setting that can be changed is Settings of the menu gameplay in the section Controls and Display subcategory, cursor speed and acceleration.

There is also an option to control the mouse using the keyboard; this allows players to use the four arrow buttons to move the mouse, which can be used normally and gives players two options for control.

Next, players will know that all the keybindings of the game can be edited to suit the individual user. Hotkeys They will want to go to the Default mouse controlsMost of the games are optimized for gaming and it makes sense, but many PC gamers have a "game mouse” uses. These can be used in the Lost Ark and can be helpful in connecting things like Potions and other items, a Mount button, and even Skills and other special abilities and attacks.

Controls in the game to use the side buttons on the mouse Hotkeys Click on the relevant sub-category in the section. To bind items such as potions with a side mouse button, press I to open the Inventory and then drag the item to the item slots located below the blue magic wand. Next, go to the Item subcategory of Hotkeys and replace the keybindings for Empty Slots with side mouse buttons.


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