Lost Ark: Mount Zagoras Mokoko Seed Locations

Lost Ark: Mount Zagoras Mokoko Seed Locations; This post will help Lost Ark players retrieve all of their Mokoko Seeds from Mount Zagoras, including the three that are trapped behind a barrier.

Players Lost Ark'As they progress through the quest for the main story, they will eventually find themselves on Mount Zagoras. This region is home to several interesting sites and fans will almost certainly come across a selection of Mokoko Seeds while exploring them. of Lost Ark Mount Zagoras Not all Mokoko Seeds locations are immediately obvious, and this post will help players find Seeds they might be missing.

Before I detail all these Mokoko Seeds locations, here are three of them. Zagoras It is worth noting that the southeastern part of the mountain immediately passed the barrier. Players alone with standard attacks Zagoras While it can break the mount barrier, it can take 30 minutes or more to do so. That's why fans are recommended to enlist the help of other Lost Ark characters, as additional damage will cause the barrier to shatter much faster.

Lost Ark: Mount Zagoras Mokoko Seed Locations

  • 1: Near a small bush on the ground.
  • 2: Along the path through the wall at the Training Ground.
  • 3,4,5:  Overcome the obstacle to reach these three Mokoko Seeds.
  • 6: Soldiers coughing next to some large pine trees on the eastern side of the area.
  • 7: Just north of the watchtower.
  • 8: Tucked in between some tall pine trees.
  • 9: Against a broken wall on the way to the Eastern Ruins.
  • 10, 11, 12: Lost Ark players , must go down the wall to access an area with three Mokoko Seeds.

These details MMORPG all of your fans Zagoras Mokoko SeedsSome Seeds can be quite difficult to see, although this allows them to collect their . Fortunately, an icon showing a hand will appear by the player character when they are close enough to interact with a Mokoko Seed. This icon can be extremely helpful when hunting for very well hidden Seeds and fans, Zagoras He must use it to reset some of the harder Mokoko Seeds on his Mountain.

Lost of players This is Ark with Mokoko Seed As for what they should do after they are gathered, Totoma in Mokoko Village will be happy to receive them in exchange for rewards. These rewards range from potions to cosmetics and more, and some of the offerings Totoma has to offer will no doubt be of great interest to some players. These offerings don't come cheap, with some costing over 1.000 Mokoko Seeds.

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