Lost Ark: Morai Ruins Mokoko Seed Locations

Lost Ark: Morai Ruins Mokoko Seed Locations; Players trying to obtain all eleven Mokoko Seeds in the Lost Ark Morai Ruins dungeon can find help in this short article.

The Morai Ruins is a dungeon in the Lost Ark that players will visit as they work through the game's main story quest. This dungeon is filled with dangerous enemies to kill, and fans will encounter countless Mokoko Seeds as they fight to the end. In total, there are 11 Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark's Morai Ruins dungeon, and this guide has all the details on exactly where to find them.

It should be noted that most of the Mokoko Seeds in this Lost Ark dungeon are not on the path shown on the in-game map, and players trying to obtain all the Seeds will have to enter the dark areas several times. The lines on the map in this article show the path fans must take through these dark areas, while the circles mark the locations of Mokoko Seeds themselves. Hopefully these descriptions will make it easier to determine exactly how to approach Seeds.

Lost Ark: Morai Ruins Mokoko Seed Locations

Morai Ruins Mokoko Seed
Morai Ruins Mokoko Seed
  • 1: Lost Ark players must jump off the main road and hold onto the planks extending from the upper wooden platform. There is a hut on this platform and the first Mokoko Seed is next to the pottery on the south side.
  • 2: Cross the south side of the hut on the main road and jump onto a wooden platform. The second Mokoko Seed is near the end of this platform.
  • 3 & 4: On the road southeast of these two Mokoko Seeds is an overturned column that creates a ramp. MMORPG fans must descend this ramp and send the two enemies below to eliminate some of the large blackberries blocking their path. This action will reveal a narrow vine that fans can use to cross a cliff and reach the Seeds.
  • 5 & ​​6: Attack to break the door and access the small room with the fifth and sixth Mokoko Seeds.
  • 7: Attack to break the door and then jump through the remaining hole. It Lost Ark Rooster Seed, next to the greenery on the stone platform.
  • 8 & 9: Go down the falling column. Grab the Mokoko Seed next to a standing column at the bottom. Then walk a few steps northeast to find another Seed on the ground.
  • 10 and 11: Use the fallen pillar to get past the waterfall and reach the platform with a Mokoko Seed. Then walk a few steps to the northeast for the second one.

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