Lost Ark: Lastra Forest Mokoko Seed Locations

Lost Ark: Lastra Forest Mokoko Seed Locations; This post will help Lost Ark players find all the Mokoko Seeds in Lastra Forest, as well as those hidden in King Luterra's Tomb.

There are a total of seven Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark's Lastra Forest, and many of them are fairly easy to find. However, players will need to leave the main road to access some of these Mokoko Seeds, and there is one well hidden by an environmental element. For fans having trouble keeping track of all the Lastra Forest Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark, details on their exact location can be found in this guide.

It should be noted that Lastra Forest is directly King Luterra's Tomb and there are 3 Mokoko Seeds in that area. These Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds are technically Lastra Forest Seeds though not, it makes sense for players to want to collect them all at once. This article is also Lost Ark: King Luterra's Tomb Mokoko Seed and information about their location can be found at the bottom.

Lost Ark: Lastra Forest Mokoko Seed Locations

Lastra Forest Mokoko Seed

  • 1: The first Mokoko Seed is next to a table with a lit candle on it.
  • 2,3,4,5: Enter the cemetery on the right just after you walk through the door and pick up Mokoko Seed #2 next to some candles. Then cross the wooden bridge on the right and continue down to reach an alcove with some more tombstones, candles and Mokoko Seed #3. From this location, Lost Ark players must continue downhill, cross another wooden bridge and head towards the lit candles to find Mokoko Seed #4. Below Seed #4 is another bridge, and Mokoko Seed #5 is across from it, not far from a chest.
  • 6: This Mokoko Seed is on the ground with a metal fence and some tombstones.
  • 7: The Last Lastra Forest Mokoko Seed is obscured by a beam of light just to the right of a leafless tree, and most MMORPG It's likely that it's what your fan missed.

Lost Ark: King Luterra's Tomb Mokoko Seed Locations

Lost Ark: King Luterra's Tomb Mokoko Seed
Lost Ark: King Luterra's Tomb Mokoko Seed
  • 1: This first Mokoko Seed is hidden in some greenery next to a metal fence and lit torch.
  • 2: This is the easiest to find King's Tomb Mokoko Seed and stands on the edge of the ledge.
  • 3: The last Mokoko Seed in this area is hidden next to a large pot, and as fans get closer to it Lost Ark should watch the hand icon appear next to the characters.


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