Lost Ark: How to Join and Leave a Clan | Join/Leave Guild

Lost Ark: How to Join and Leave a Clan | Guild , Lost Ark: Clan ; Like any other MMO, clearing some of Lost Ark's more challenging content will require the help of other players and joining a clan.

Lost ArkOnce officially released in North America and Europe courtesy of Smilegate and Amazon Games, players will level up as fast as possible to deal with the endgame content. However, whether it's leveling up for fun or taking on challenges like raids of the Lost Ark, PvP or dungeons, players will want to take advantage of a clan.

Like many other MMOs, Lost Ark leverages clans for players to come together, build a community, and get multiplayer content. However, Lost Ark sends players a lot of information very quickly, so information like how to join a clan can get lost in the mix.

Lost Ark : How to Join a Clan?

Lost Ark: Clan

Those who are looking for join clan For this, players must first review the tutorial and go to the city of Prideholme. Once there, there will be a new button at the bottom right of the UI called Community. Clicking this and then selecting Clan will bring up a clan collection window and a clan creation option. If a player is searching for a particular clan, they can search by name, description or registration type. As in many games, guilds can come together for different purposes such as PvP, dungeon or raid.

The request will send a request that must be approved by the Clan Master. If there is instant participation in the clan, the player will be placed in the clan immediately. Finally, clans can be password protected. These require a specific password that will then accept the new member.

Lost Ark : How to Leave a Clan?

new clan If things are not going well with her, leaving may be the best option. After all, a clan isn't for everyone, and some people would rather hunt down Mokoko Seeds than deal with potential clan drama. Fortunately, Lost Ark is a leaving the clan It makes it easier to participate.

Simply type /guildleave in the chatbox. To the chat box / guildleave You just have to write. This will bring up a prompt confirming that this action has been requested. As an alternaive, Guild Interface using ALT+U You can exit a guild by pressing the keys. In the upper right corner of the interface are two arrows used to navigate left and right. Click the right arrow to go to the administration screen. Then at the bottom of the window Leave GuildSelect .

Lost Ark It was first available in South Korea, Japan, and Russia in 2018. New World publisher Amazon Games has teamed up with Smilegate to bring MMO action to North America and Europe. It is a dungeon crawler in the same vein as both Diablo and Path of Exile.


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