Lost Ark: Brilliant Ridge Mokoko Seed Locations

Lost Ark: Brilliant Ridge Mokoko Seed Locations; This post contains all the information players need to collect seven Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark's Brilliant Ridge.

Brilliant Ridgeis a dungeon in Lost Ark that players will visit as part of the main story quest. Fans may be interested in collecting all the Mokoko Seed while visiting this dungeon, and there are actually a total of seven to be found at this location. Still in Lost Ark Brilliant Ridge Mokoko Seeds There are a few tricky things to know about it, and this guide is here to help players who are struggling to find some.

Brilliant Ridge Mokoko Seeds The first thing to know about the dungeon is that they will not appear while the main story quest is connected. Indeed, players should focus on completing this mission first and then once this is done Brilliant RidgeIt should enter again. Fans on re-entry, all that Lost Ark Mokoko SeedsThey can now collect and use the map and information below to keep track of each.

Lost Ark: Brilliant Ridge Mokoko Seed Locations

  • 1: The first Mokoko Seed is on the ground next to a burning barbecue.
  • 2: Lost Ark players , should look for this Mokoko Seed in a small patch of grass next to the rocks that make up the road's perimeter.
  • 3: On the left side of the road, between a tree and some cylindrical rocks.
  • 4,5,6: After the third Mokoko Seed dispatches the last crab boss, players must return to the location marked with an “x” on the map above. In this position, MMORPG fans will find a lit torch and some tall rocks and can now pass through them to access an invisible path. At the other end of this road is a platform and three Mokoko Seeds are scattered around this platform.
  • 7: The last Mokoko Seed is next to the rocks on the left side of this corner.

Players are now Brilliant Ridge Mokoko SeedsIt's worth noting that some of these collections aren't particularly easy to see, even though they have all the information they need to get the . Fortunately, a Lost Ark character the icon that appears when near a Mokoko Seed only makes this fact a minor inconvenience. If a player does not see Mokoko Seed in one of the locations detailed above, they can walk around the area by watching the icon appear.


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