Lost Ark: Blackrose Basement Mokoko Seed Locations

Lost Ark: Blackrose Basement Mokoko Seed Sites ; This post will help players collect all Mokoko Seeds from Lost Ark's Blackrose Basement, including five behind locked doors.

Lost Ark's Blackrose Basementtotal in eight Mokoko Seeds there are and players will encounter a handful of them just by exploring the area. However, a few of these Mokoko Seeds are only accessible if a certain prerequisite is met, and some fans may not be clear on what exactly that prerequisite is. This guide is intended to shed some light on this subject and All Blackrose Basement Mokoko Seed in Lost Ark here to help collect.

To reach him immediately, this Lost Ark There are two sealed doors in his dungeon and both have Seeds behind them. To pass these gates, players must send three groups of Heretics and free their Devotees, taking great care not to accidentally kill any of the non-hostile villagers. The best way to prevent the accidental death of a Devotee is to remove Heretics before fighting them, and fans can use the information below and the green markers on the map below to locate these enemies.

1-MMORPG fans must go down the stairs and turn right at the bottom to find the first group of Heretics.
2-The second group gathers near the altar in the sanctuary.
3-Go down the stairs and eliminate the Heretics that gather near the bottom. Then continue to follow the path to find a few more enemies to kill.

Lost Ark: Blackrose Basement Mokoko Seed Locations

  • 1: The first Mokoko Seed is next to a red chair sitting next to two tables.
  • 2: Lost Ark players , they will find this Mokoko Seed next to a stack of books next to a lit barbecue.
  • 3,4,5:  This is one of the fan-accessible rooms after killing the Heretics, and inside there are three Mokoko Seeds on the floor.
  • 6,7:  This is the other room that remained sealed until the Heretics were dispatched, and the Mokoko Seeds are on the ground once again.
  • 8: Son Mokoko Seed is found right next to some pots.

One last thing to mention, after players deal with the boss of the dungeon Blackrose BasementThey will not be able to take a step back. Players therefore reach eight points before reaching the end. Lost Ark of Mokoko Seeds should take care to collect them all. Fans who don't heed this advice may find they missed a Seed or two and will have to restart the dungeon if they want to get it.


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