Loop Hero: What to Build First?

Loop hero: What to Build First? ;This short guide includes a Loop Hero build sequence that players can use to gain great advantages as they continue their journey.

Loop Hero: What to Build First?

As players progress through the loop in Loop Hero, they will earn various resources that can be used to build structures in their camp. These builds provide numerous benefits when installed, such as unlocking new cards and systems, and they really help fans a lot in their work. For players wondering how to prioritize their buildings in the early stages of Loop Hero, this guide contains some suggestions.

But before we get into these recommendations, it's important to note that players will eventually want to access all the structures under Loop Hero's building menu. Therefore, fans should definitely not feel attached to the following if they find that embarking on a different path spoils their dreams. In fact, while players are mostly satisfied with the results produced by the build sequence detailed in this guide, there are many other approaches that are perfectly valid for setting up a camp in this unique roguelike.

Once this is established, players are advised to make the Herbalist's Hut their first building, as this will give them access to Potions in Loop Hero. These items automatically heal the hero when they fall into low health and significantly increase their survivability. While it's true that only a limited number of Potions can be carried at a time, completing a cycle will regenerate several potions, making them a very powerful addition to a player's early game arsenal.

Loop Hero: What to Build First?
Loop Hero: What to Build First?

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From there, players are advised to keep their eyes on the Gymnasium, which unlocks the ability to gain "special features" after killing enough monsters. These features provide various effects, improve offense, increase defense and much more, giving players huge advantages throughout their run. Loop Hero fans, especially those who built the Gymnasium, will also earn the Village card, which restores HP and offers missions that can be completed for rare rewards.

Once these two structures are built, players can turn their attention to the Field Kitchen and Smithy for a bit more survivability, a starting equipment set and the powerful Blood Grove card. They can then close the first build phase by setting up a Supply Depot and Mud Huts to start collecting artifacts. At this point, things really open up and fans can decide whether they want to build a Smelter and gain more equipment slots in Loop Hero or go after something else entirely.

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