Loop Hero: All Classes (Classes Unlock)

Loop Hero: All Classes (Classes Unlock) ;Loop Hero features a number of characters that players can unlock to try new builds and tactics as they battle through the loop.

Loop Hero is all about navigating a monster-infested loop, collecting resources, trying new builds, and upgrading the camp to help the hero progress a little further each time. In multiple chapters, players will have the chance to unlock three different hero classes to play, but that will take some time.

Loop Hero: All Classes (Classes Unlock)

In Loop Hero, the Warrior class is unlocked by default, but certain buildings will need to be built in the camp to access the Rouge and Necromancer. Each class requires a number of different buildings to be built before the class becomes available, and players can find all the details of each class listed below.

Loop Hero: All Classes (Classes Unlock)

A wide variety of different resources will be needed, but they can all be summed up in the first episode if players are willing to take the time to grind them down. Both the Rogue and the Necromancer class can definitely be worth it as the Necromancer is such a powerful option, bringing their own playstyles.


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How to Unlock Rogue

To unlock the Rogue class, players will need to build two different structures in the camp. First up is the Field Kitchen, which will give players access to the Blood Grove card, which will grant improved healing when they pass the campfire. To build the Field Kitchen, players will need the following resources:

  • 3 Preserved Wood
  • 2 Preserved Stone
  • 1 Food Supply

After constructing the Field Kitchen, players will have access to the Sanctuary building, which can be built using the resources listed below. Once the Asylum is complete, the Rogue class will be available:

  • 12 Preserved Wood
  • 2 Presever Stones
  • 4 Stable Metal
  • 7 Food Supply

How to Unlock Necromancer

To unlock the Necromancer, players will also need to build the Field Kitchen, but they must have already done that by unlocking the Rogue class. After that, they will need to build the Gym using the materials listed below:

  • 2 Fixed Wood
  • 3 Preserved Stone
  • 6 Stable Metal
  • 1 Metamorphosis

This will allow them to build the Graveyard where they will need the following resources.

  • 4 Fixed Wood
  • 14 Preserved Stone
  • 2 Stable Metal

Finally, they can create the Crypt, the final piece of the Necromancer puzzle, using the resources below. Doing so will unlock the Necromancer class and give players access to the most powerful class in the game:

  • 4 Fixed Wood
  • 16 Protect the Stone
  • 9 Stable Metal
  • 1 Expansion Orb

While it may seem like a lot of resources are needed to get both classes, learning the various combinations of tiles available in Loop Hero will help players gather resources quickly in the first episode and they will have access to Rogue and Necromancer. never.

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