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In this writing Lola Brawl Stars Features New Character 2021 we will examineBrawl Stars joined the game. “Although only a guide, Lola presents herself as Brawlywood's premier lady. She attacks with her scarf and her super is a channeled manifestation of the Ego.”

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Brawl Stars Lola

lola brawl stars

Lola, Season 9: BrawlywoodIt is a Chromatic Brawler that can be unlocked as a Brawl Pass reward at Level 30 in . Lola has medium health and consistent damage output. For her attack, Lola attacks by firing six jewels from a long distance. Her Super summons her Ego, a clone that moves when Lola moves and attacks when Lola attacks. Freeze Frame the gadget will momentarily immobilize his clone in exchange for a substantial damage reduction shield. Star Power Improvisation increases Lola's attack damage if she only has one ammo.

Brawl Stars Features

Attack: Diamond Eyes

Lola's favorite accessory is also her favorite weapon! It pops out of the eyes with short bangs and plenty of show off.
lol, throws 6 jewels from a long distance with a light spread from his fox. Her attack deals a large amount of damage if all her shells hit, but Lola's drain time is noticeably longer.

Super: megalomaniac ; 

Lola unleashes her Ego, which mimics her every move.
LolaHer Super summons her Ego, which moves and attacks in the same direction as Lola at the same time. his ego Lola Deals the same amount of damage as and has the same attack range, but has maximum health. Lola's maximum health and charges Lola's Super just as quickly. Since it may arise, Lola's ego Diamond Catchcannot receive items such as diamonds in or Hot ZoneHe cannot give points to his team in . Lola if it hits a wall but the movement joystick is still aimed, the Ego will continue to move in that direction and vice versa.

Lola Star Power

Star Power #1 : ; Improvisation ; 

Lola deals an additional 30% damage when she lands on her last round.
When Lola only has one full ammo, each bullet fired from her next attack deals 30% more damage.

Lola Accessory

Accessory #1 : Freeze Frame ;

Lola's Ego stops moving to pose! Gains 4% shield for 75 seconds.
Lola When she uses this accessory, her Ego is immobilized for 4 seconds, but she receives a shield that reduces all damage taken by 75% for the same duration. The ego can still attack.

Lola Health Features

lola brawl stars health

Lola Tips

  • Diamond Catch, Hot Zone, War Ball ve Bounty Hunt in 3v3 Events like Lola's It is best to place his ego as close to him as possible. This way he has slightly more damage consistency and deals twice as much damage as a result of his Ego.
  • lol, If played correctly, he can control multiple lanes with his clone. This is it Hot ZoneIt makes it really useful for controlling multiple zones in .
  • It might be more advantageous for Lola to go without ammo when she doesn't need to heal. This is due to Lola's "Improvised" Star power, where she deals more damage in her last ammo. This way it can maximize the damage output.
  • Lola's Ego attacks enemies behind walls, especially Tick, Barley or Sprout It can be used to attack shooters such as
  • SiegeIn , Lola can use her Super and Freeze Frame Device to temporarily delay the Siege Bot from attacking your team's IKE turret. Similarly, in Heist, Lola can place her Ego near the safe and activate Freeze Frame so her Ego can deal more damage while receiving enemy fire.
  • Lola's Frozen Frame can be used to reposition yourself to where you want to be in relation to your Ego. For example, if you throw your Super and you want to be above it, you can activate Freeze Frame to position yourself directly above your Ego.
  • Lola can reposition her clone by moving so that the ego hits a wall. In this way, he can approach his ego or place it in a desirable position. A corner in this case is very suitable.


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