LoL Teamfight Tactics Winning Tactics

LoL Teamfight Tactics Winning Tactics ; Auto war type games lead you to victory according to your game knowledge rather than your reflexes. We've gathered together what you need to know to beat your opponents.

LoL Teamfight Tactics Winning Tactics

Teamfight Tactics, the new game mode of League of Legends – TFT, what are the tactics that will give you a game? 

The prominent condition in auto war type games is to defeat your opponents with your intelligence. As can be understood from the word "tactics" in the original name of the game, the most important thing you need to do is to draw a good game strategy.

The things you need to pay attention to in Tactical Wars are economy, combination of items, recognition of champions and good time management. Although it may seem complicated, be sure, you will adapt to the game quickly. In this article, instead of telling you about the game from the very beginning, we will focus on what you need to do and expand your knowledge of the game with small tactics.

We have listed the headings to pay attention to. Now it's time to tell them in order. We will explain each point you need to pay attention to, one by one, in detail.


The most important thing to consider in tactical wars is the economy. There are several ways to earn gold in Tactical Wars. Regardless of the result at the end of each round; Whether you win or lose the round, you always win gold. Of course, you can earn bonus gold by winning in a row or even losing in a row. In addition, the higher your level, the more gold you can earn, and you can also earn extra gold by selling champions you don't use.

The point you need to pay attention to is to save on the use of gold. Every 10 gold you keep will return you as 1 bonus gold at the end of each round. For example, if you have 50 gold coins at the end of each round, you will gain an additional 5 gold coins. The first thing to do in Tactical Wars is to use your gold sparingly, not renew the store to buy champions, and make long-term plans.

It is not a good tactic to constantly spend gold to increase your level, or to constantly refresh the store for new champions to appear. Especially if you are trying to create a certain battle composition and you can't get the champions you want, you will tend to spend your gold all the time. However, we advise you not to waste your gold immediately and be patient. By using your gold without wasting it, you can increase your level and team capacity faster, and you can get high-tier champions faster than other players.

Sometimes you may be out of luck and the champions you want may not appear. So you may have to refresh the store. We keep in mind the philosophy of "A drop by drop becomes a lake", and we continue to take the game to the next level by being as economical as possible.



Another issue to consider in tactical battles is where the champions are placed. Because the fight is played automatically in front of you, it is possible to change positions on champions before each round starts. However, there will be cases where randomly placed champions are not able to use their potential to their maximum power, even with the strongest items.

First of all, keeping the assassins in the back is a good tactic. The assassins will then teleport to your opponent's back line and start killing them in battle from behind. This being the case, champions behind your opponent won't be able to attack your main carrier champions as they will have to deal with them as well. This will prevent your champions from dying immediately. Of course, this may not always be an effective tactic according to your opponent. You know that you are randomly fighting your opponents. So you have a chance to get unsuccessful results. However, towards the end of the game or when you are in a one-on-one battle, it is useful to click on your opponent and watch what you are doing. Accordingly, you can determine your own tactic.

In addition, you will need to set up your team's defense well. Although archers and mages deal high damage, they are weak and are quickly defeated. It's always good to put a tank-class champion like a guard or knight on the front line.



Getting the right champions on the battlefield is critical to creating a devastating combat composition in Tactical Battles. The game will encourage you to choose champions of the same class or race. For example, if you have 4 Ninjas on your battlefield, you will have a buff that can deal 80% more physical damage to your enemy.

Some battle compositions can be successful in the early game. Adding Ninja-Assassin champions next to Zed is an example of such compositions. But a little luck often comes into play. With your luck, you can line up your team well at the early stage of the game. If you are unlucky, you will have to make different strategies and different lineups. You can also create an effective tactic by making Void-assassin instead of ninja-assassin.

By buying and changing champions, you can get a lineup according to you, try and try.



There are two ways to earn items in Tactical Battles. The first is to get the falling items by defeating the Jungle monsters in the rounds they come. You'll also see items on champions during the "Shared Selection" stage, where random champions go around the circle. At this stage, the main purpose is to choose a champion, while for some it may be just to choose items. When you choose the champion that has the item you want, you can sell that champion and get the item wasted and place it on another champion you want.

LoL Teamfight Tactics Winning Tactics
LoL Teamfight Tactics Winning Tactics

There are eight basic items in total, and all of them can be crafted into other items. Which items are turned into what, maybe you can't remember them all. There is an item combination list for these. You will already memorize which items you need to combine for the champions you play frequently. For example, if you are going to make an assassin composition, we definitely recommend the Eternal Sword. This item, which increases critical attacks by 100%, is crafted with only two ONE Swords.

We tried to give you some tactics that you basically need and can easily lead you to victory. The important thing in the game is to be patient and make moves that will take the game as far as possible. Of course, taking risks and spending your gold is another tactic, but we do not recommend this style of play. Now is the time to apply what you have learned. Good games to you all.

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