League of Legends 11.4 Patch Samira Nerfed !!!

League of Legends Samira Nerfed !!! weakening features in the next patch… For the next update of the multiplayer game League of Legends patch 11.4 notesIf you have looked at the . The list of heavily nerfed champions in the patch isn't exhaustive, but there will be big changes to the new characters added to the MOBA game.

SamiraHe rejoined League in September 2020, and as the patch history shows, some balance changes have been made since then. But in next week's 11.4 update, the marksman champion will see changes to all five of their abilities.


Based on what is currently being tested on the PBE, Samira pSignificantly weakens Daredevil Impulse. Attack damage is reduced, the current figure is 7,5% instead of 3,5% before.


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Samira's Q'su, Talent is witnessing two changes currently being tested; The effectiveness of the Lifesteal effect has been reduced a tiny bit (0,6%), while the attack damage ratio has been changed on a scale from 80% to 110%. was 100% before.

League of Legends of your champion E's Wild Rush, his ability to no longer be cast on allies, and dash speed while using it (from 2050 to 1600) has been greatly reduced. W, Blade Whirl and RAs for the Inferno Trigger, the former sees it knock 25% of its duration (currently down from one second to 0,75 seconds), and the latter to a much slower cooldown (from eight to three seconds).


As always, it's worth noting that these exact changes are still a bit unclear, but will reflect the direction of Samira's gameplay with the next patch, to see what's up next week before the update is released. League of Legends patch 11.4 You can keep checking our notes.