Lisa Genshin Impact Build | All About Lisa

Lisa Genshin Impact Build | All About Lisa , Lisa Genshin Impact Talents ; He is one of the playable characters in the game. Many Genshin impact best player Lisa Genshin Impact Buildwhat is and multiple Lisa Genshin Impact Build Wondering if it is. Below are the best ones you can try to see which are the most effective. Lisa Genshin from Impact Builds some are given.

Lisa Genshin Impact

MyHoYo Game developed by and released in 2020 Genshin impactis an action role-playing game that has gained fans and popularity since its release.

The game has a number of great features that have attracted players ever since. Set in the world of Tevat, the game requires players to attack and prevail over enemies. ,Lisa Genshin Impactis one of the playable characters in Genshin Impact, known for his Electro abilities.

Actually Lisa is one of the few free-to-play characters in the game. Lisa It is this quality of its freedom that makes . Players will receive the Lisa Genshin Effect of Episode I: Scout Catching the Wind during the Sparks Between the Pages quest. Lisa , in the position of Librarian, who is also a master witch. Lisa A person who enjoys everything basic.

Lisa Genshin Impact Look

Lisa She is known for her fair skin, green eyes, and wavy, light brown hair that is often tied into a loose side ponytail. She is often seen wearing a purple and white dress. Lisa Genshin Impact she also wears a gold necklace fastened to the collar of her dress. Her favorite flowers Roses are seen throughout her outfit, either as symbols or as real roses. For example, he has a purple rose on his hat.

Lisa Genshin Impact Talents

Lisa Genshin trying to figure out what Impact's best builds are Lisa Genshin Impact Knowing her abilities is a huge advantage, as the actress can better equip Lisa Genshin Impact after learning what Lisa Genshin Impact's abilities are.

  • Lightening Touch
  • Violet Arc
  • Illuminating Rose
  • Induced After Shock
  • Static Electric Field
  • General Pharmacy

These Lisa Genshin Impact Some of the attacks used by But apart from that, there are three types of attacks that Lisa affects.

Normal Attack

Charge Attack

Plunge Attack

Lisa Genshin Impact Build

Lisa Genshin Impact, Elemental Burst she is known for her talent and hence the best Lisa Genshin Impact Build focuses on this ability, where a support structure amplifies the Elemental Burst ability. Lisa is not usually the playable character of choice in Genshin Impact because not much can be done with Lisa Genshin Impact. In fact, while Lisa Genshin Impact can handle bosses, even her build based on a boost for her explosion ability isn't all that helpful. But other than that, there are other things you can try in terms of Lisa Genshin Impact build.

Skyward Atlas'Equipping is a Lisa Genshin Impact build you can try if you're looking for damage output. This Lisa Genshin Impact build significantly increases Lisa's elemental damage

The second reason to use the Favonius Codex, You can also equip it as a Lisa Genshin Slam to help quickly recharge the energy.

Thundering fury, a bonus for Lisa Genshin Impact's Electro ability and a great one Lisa Genshin Impact Build can.