Life is Strange: How William is Rescued

Life is Strange: How William is Rescued ; Max must search for a way to save William at the end of Episode 3 of Life is Strange, but how can he do it successfully?

at Life is Strange , Max's William's from car accident to the rescue There are some options that players have no control over, such as the decision to jump back to work. Players must help him succeed in this mission, but it involves looking for a very special place to keep William's keys.

Life is Strange players, detailing where exactly Max should hide his car keys and even where they can find an optional photo opportunity during this alternate reality Helping save William You can use this step-by-step article for

Life is Strange: How William is Rescued

Max's save William The first thing he has to do is really fail the mission and let him find his keys. It, max in Life is Strange shows where the keys are located so he can turn back time and retrieve them before William.

From now on, go to the coffee table and get the keys from under the hat before William ends the phone call with Joyce . When Max gets his car keys, he has to find the perfect place to hide them. This is because William has a beeper attached to the switches that allow him to actually hear where they are.

It may not seem obvious at first, but Life is Strange'of 3. The best place to hide the keys to save William it's a sink full of water in the kitchen . Chloe's dad can no longer hear the locator beep, so he won't be going on the deadly car ride in this reality. Players will have successfully rescued William and the chapter will end soon - but not without presenting a surprise to the two people.

How to Get Photo On Demand Opportunity 3 in Chapter 10?

of Life is Strange collected in Chapter 3 last photo , Max, to save William obtained before operation. If the actors are already deep in the scene, rewind as far as possible, then head to Chloe in the kitchen.

For the final optional picture of the episode, head to the counter to Chloe's left to see the "Photo" prompt. Max will film Chloe and William together, and the players will “Flash!” Reward/Achievement, as well as “Camera Eye” if nine other photos were obtained during Chapter 3.

of Life is Strange find ten photo opportunities in each section, to a very easy Platinum Trophy or will lead to full Gamerscore as they are the only optional unlockables in the game.