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In this writing Leon Brawl Stars Features and Costumes we will examineLeon Brawl Stars or Brawl Stars Sneaky Spy (Stealthy Assassin) continues to be one of the most preferred characters in the game due to its extraordinary features such as high health level, critical damage rate and clone creation. Leon We will provide information about Features, Star Powers, Accessories and Costumes.

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Leon Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

With 3200 health, Leon fires a swift barrage of blades at his target. His super trick is a smoke bomb that makes him invisible for a while!
Leon is a monster with the ability to briefly become invisible to his enemies using his Super. Legendary Character. at close range Has medium health and high damage output. Its damage decreases as its blades move. Leon also has one of the fastest movement speeds.

accessory Clone Reflective (Clone Projector) creates a fake version of itself to confuse enemies.

First Star Power misty weathergrants him a movement speed boost while invisible to him.

Second Star Power Hidden Healing (Invisiheal) heals him over time while invisible.

Class: Conspirator

Attack: Rotating Blades ;

Leon shook his wrist and launched four Spinning Blades. The farther the blades go, the less damage they do.
Leon fires 4 long-range blades that sweep from left to right in a cone. Damage dealt is based on how far they move before hitting their target. Targets close to Leon take the most damage, and targets far away take significantly less damage. The attack takes 0,55 seconds to complete.

Super: Smoke bomb ;

Leon becomes invisible for 6 seconds. It will appear if it attacks. Enemies close to Leon will be able to spot him.
Leon turns himself invisible for 6 seconds, allowing him to retreat or ambush an enemy. The enemy can only see it if it is within 4 squares. If Leon attacks while invisible, he loses his invisibility. If he takes damage during the Super, he will be visible for a moment. Unlike most players, Leon's Super charges based on damage dealt rather than number of hits. Using your Super will cancel natural health regen.

collect items (Diamond Catchin Diamonds, Reckoningpower cubes or Siege(like Screws in ) will make it visible for a moment. ball War BallHolding it while invisible will also make it visible. Enemy minions (like Nita's bear) won't be able to find him while he's invisible, but allied minions (like Tara's Healing Shadow) can still detect Leon while he's invisible. Knockbacks and stuns do not affect the duration of his Signature ability.

Brawl Stars Leon Costumes

Here are all of Leon's costumes;

  • Shark Leon: 80 Diamonds
  • Leon the Werewolf: 150 Diamonds (a costume designed specifically for Halloween)
  • Sally Leon: 80 Diamonds
  • Pure Silver Leon: 10000 Gold
  • Pure Gold Leon: 25000 Gold

Leon Features

Bell: 3200
Damage per dagger (4): 644
SUPER Ability: Smoke Bomb (Becomes Invisible)
SUPER ability duration: 6000
Reload speed: 1900
Attack speed: 600
Speed: Too fast
Attack range: 9.67
Level 1 damage amount: 1840
Level 9 and 10 damage amount: 2576
Aralık 9.67
reload 1.9 saniye
Projectiles per attack 4
Supercharge per hit 12.1-4.9% (close to the maximum range)
Attack spread 17.5°
bullet speed 3500
Attack width 0.67
Level Health
1 3200
2 3360
3 3520
4 3680
5 3840
6 4000
7 4160
8 4320
9 – 10 4480

Leon Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : misty weather ;

When Leon casts his Super, he gains a 30% increase in movement speed for the duration of his invisibility.
Leon's movement speed is increased by 30% when his Super is active, allowing him to move much faster while invisible.

warrior's 2. star power : Hidden Healing ;

While Super is active, Leon heals for 1000 health per second.
If Leon has missing health while using his Super, he gains 6000 health per second for the duration of his Super, up to a total of 1000 health unless he cancels the Super with an attack. It will continue to heal even after being hit by an enemy.

Leon Accessory

Warrior's accessory: Clone Reflective ;

Leon creates his own illusion to confuse his enemies.
Leon makes a copy of himself and allows it to create a distraction to confuse his enemies or allow them to escape. The clone will chase the nearest enemy but will not be able to attack and will do nothing when it reaches the enemy. At the time of use, it will use Leon's health and copy the number of items Leon himself has (such as the number of Gems, Power Cubes, etc.). However, the clone cannot be healed and takes twice as much damage from enemy attacks. When Leon is defeated, the clone will disappear and despawn after 10 seconds.Big Gameda When used as a boss, he will have the same amount of health as Leon.

Leon Tips

  1. Leon's fast movement speed, generally faster than most other players It can be good for escaping from enemies as it is.
  2. Leon can deal a lot of damage if he hits all the blades in his attack at short range. Use walls and bushes to get as close to enemies as possible.
  3. With his Super, Leon can ambush the enemy even more effectively. Use it wisely to rush the enemies and catch them off guard.
  4. Siegeda Leon's Super can be used to sneak behind enemy lines to attack the vault on the other side of the map.
    Leon,Bounty HuntIt can also be used effectively. His super ability allows him to pick his opponents one by one and collect a large amount of stars for the team.
  5. Leon's Super can be ineffective when used near an enemy. Using your Super while hiding in the bushes can make your escape route increasingly unpredictable; Doing so may cause enemies to have a hard time finding it after shooting at bushes that are no longer used.
  6. You can buff your Super while walking into a bush to make your enemies think you're invisible. This will allow you to heal in the bushes while your enemies sweep the arena, thus wasting their ammo.
  7. Leon's blades have a deceptively long range. and has an opening that widens as it travels.
  8. Poke your enemies and upgrade your Super before going stealth to get the job done at close range.
  9. Leon's attack BoSimilar to , it can intensify or spread by attacking left or right while attacking. This is especially useful when controlling shrubs and rejecting more areas.
  10. Leon's Star Powers both of them War Ball It is really useful for misty weathercan be used to quickly grab the ball while enemies don't suspect Leon's presence. Hidden Healingcan give Leon an extraordinary survivability boost, allowing him to take much more damage from multiple enemies in his target.
  11. ReckoningIn , Leon has two options for playstyles, one Mobile and the other Third Party. Travelers (Crow, Darryl, etc. Like), they wander around the map looking for potential targets and select them one by one. Third Parties (Mortis, Crow etc.) seeks out two people who are already at war and waits until either of them is defeated (preferably in a nearby bush). Leon then ends the winning fight and collects both sets of power cubes.
  12. Leon's Hidden Healing star powerheals him for 6 health per second for 1000 seconds (unless you attack before the Super expires, which is not recommended with Star Power), which gives him 6000 additional health. This means Leon may need to collect buffs or targets while remaining invisible and also healing if spotted. Diamond Catch, Reckoning ve Siege in game modes like into the misty weather preferable.
  13. Leon's Secret Healing star power while using it, try activating its Super just before an aim. Waiting to attack once at close range while unloading enemy shots can heal 1000 health per second, giving Leon an ammo and health advantage to win closer battles.
  14. Leon's Super can be used both offensively and defensively. When in a bad position, use your Super to sneak behind enemy lines and take down enemies. If you're carrying a lot of gems or have a high reward, use your invisibility to escape and make it harder for the opposition to attack you.
  15. Leon can use his invisibility on maps with launch pads to trick enemies you throw.
  16. Leon's Clone Reflector accessory it can prove incredibly useful in some situations, i.e. one with its Super Shelly or a Coltagainst They'll probably be effectively wasted by firing their Supers at the clone. Do not attempt this while in low health, as your clone will redeem the amount of health you have and the fact that he is charging a person will betray him.
  17. Leon's Clone Reflective , can chase the closest enemy even while in the bushes, allowing Leon to detect if there are any enemies in the bushes.
  18. ReckoningTo step into the poison gas too, Leon's star power Hidden Healing You can quickly dodge melee using His healing while invisible will conflict with the same damage the gas took, so you can withstand the damage for a few seconds.
  19. Star Powers:Hidden Healing ve into the misty weather It is good for different occasions. If this is a mod you should stay in Hidden Healing to use and go somewhere or escape Misty Airblow It means you should use
  20. Leon's accessory, Clone Reflector accessory, It can be used as a shield to absorb damage from enemies with a non-piercing attack.
  21. If you use the Smoke Grenade in the open, use it while walking in one direction and quickly turn around and sneak in from the other side. This will make it less predictable where you will come from.


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