5 Reasons You're Not Good at League of Legends

5 Reasons You Are Not Good In League of Legends; How to Play Better in LoL?, 

League of LegendsThere is no such thing as a perfect player in . Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, and we all have some shortcomings in one form or another. Not everything comes naturally and is learned through development, hard work, dedication and training.

When you find something that you have trouble grasping, learning and trying to solve the problem will make you a better player. Ranked play requires a lot of self-discipline, focus, and a bit of luck to win and climb games, so clearing any issues or doubts you may have before ranking up can set your chances of winning the game in your favor.

In this post, we will discuss 5 things that many players struggle with and are easy to fix. All 5 topics we've covered may not impress everyone depending on rank and skill level, but we believe you'll eliminate something that will make you a better player by the end of the article.

5 Reasons You're Not Good at League of Legends

1) You don't have a solid champion pool

In a game with over 140 champions, each with different dynamics and interesting gameplay, why many players struggling to consolidate a consistent and strong champion pool it is easy to see When it comes to ranking, I recommend sticking to a small champion pool of 2 to 5 champions and only playing those champions until they stop working for you. Since you need to choose 2 roles, I would recommend having 3 or 4 champions in your main role, then 1-2 champions for your secondary role depending on how popular those champions are.

If you learn the details of the selected champions, you will find yourself able to climb more efficiently. This is because you can play to the strengths of those champions and learn to play with their weaknesses.

By comparison, if you were to play every champion ranked, you wouldn't have the skill set to play them to their full potential. This can be used by the enemy, which can often cost you the game. For example, a rookie Yasuo can be pretty easy to abuse compared to someone who has over five hundred plays on him. The more experience you have with a mechanically demanding champion like Yasuo, the better.

In Season 9, we will see the rankings per role. Personally, I'd avoid some parts of the new system and only play the roles you're comfortable with. For me I will stick to Support and Ball or ADC and most likely not play Mid or Jungle.

Similar to learning the ins and outs of your main champions, it will be quite difficult to find consistent success in every role. Because you won't have time to learn every role as a whole, you will struggle to be as good as someone playing that role. For example, a Diamond 1 Mid laner will outperform another Diamond 1 player if he is out of the role.

How to fix?
All you have to do is choose 5 champions that you are good at and enjoy playing. Outside of this list, learn the ins and outs by playing each champion in turn. Once you've relaxed it's time to put them in a single row. Play these champions, and only those champions, until someone stops working for you, i.e. they drop from the meta or you no longer enjoy them.

If you want to swap one champion for another, be sure to take your time and research once again before risking your LP. It's not worth the immediate learning, especially if the champion is mechanically challenging or different from what you're used to.

Regarding roles, stick to two – your main role and one extra role. If you're given a role you're not comfortable with, choose a champion that's simpler to play and easier to execute, so you can continue serving if you fall behind.

2) You keep playing while it's getting worse

We've all had that "just one more game" feeling and this is the last one. your match history No more true than full of losses. When you start losing, the simplest League of Legends The basics fly out the window and you focus on winning rather than just improving the game.

Consistency in League of Legends cannot be underestimated. Competent enemies can tell when you're playing inconsistently, and a smart enemy can abuse the fact that you're bad. To be realistic, when you are slanted or frustrated in the game, you will not have the ability to play at the level necessary to defeat the enemy. You can win occasionally, but it's never a good idea to chase the lost LP.

If you find yourself making silly mistakes like missing CS or making basic mistakes, you're probably starting to lean. Tilt is one of the biggest enemies in League of Legends after toxicity, trolls and Teemo. It can really scare you in the long run if you're not careful.

How to fix?
For the most part, preventing you from re-queuing will fix the problem. You should try to take a step back and not play League of Legends for a few days while allowing your mind and body to reset. If you're in a match, mute everyone in your match if you haven't already, and try to pretend you're playing with and against bots. Focus on your own game and the things you can control or you'll find yourself going down a rabbit hole. 3) You don't warm up before a ranked session

5 Reasons You're Not Good at League of Legends
5 Reasons You're Not Good at League of Legends

3) You don't warm up before a ranked session

Have you ever been to a sporting event, maybe something like a basketball game? Before the match, players on both teams do basic practice to warm up dribbling, shooting and other basic mechanics. Doing so helps activate muscle memory and get them into the flow of events. Likewise, warming up in League of Legends is incredibly helpful.

It is recommended that you play a warm-up game before diving into ranked play to ensure you have the best possible chance of winning. If you haven't warmed up, you may have a hard time performing well on your champion. For example, if you like to play someone mechanically challenging like Yasuo, Zed. or Ahri, you might struggle to perform well enough at them to win the game. This is because they are mechanically demanding and easily exploited when played poorly.

How to fix
You may be away for just a few hours, a few days, or you may have just come home from school. Play a normal game to warm up before queuing up for ranked. Playing a warm-up game before qualifying is a great way to get into the feel and rhythm of League of Legends. It should be clear by now that the League needs some form of muscle memory to play at peak performance. Without it, it will be quite difficult for you to perform well on your champion.

Many different things may need to be implemented before entering Ranked. Fortunately, most of them can be knocked out in a game or two. For example, you may need to practice using the last hit or a certain set of combinations. This is where it can come in handy to warm up before queuing up for qualifying, as it will allow you to strengthen the muscle memory of your favorite champion.

Practice Tool, ARAM or the Nexus Blitz is also helpful when it comes to warming up. Practice this habit every day and before Graduated grinding and you will see positive results in the long run.

4) You don't know your champion's potential

Just League of LegendsWe touched on how important it is to warm up in , but you also have to put in the extra effort to practice and master certain aspects of your champions game. For example, many champions have certain skill combinations and animation cancellation that make them play more optimally or have more options. I recommend that you practice as much as you can and whenever you can.

When laning against a veteran trick, playing against them can be really discouraging if they know the details of that champion well. Riven, for example, can often make mind-blowing and impressive combinations once mastered. Knowing your champion and being able to truly perfect combos will make you a better player. For example, Mobalytics one and only Exil's voice has a tutorial on 10 different combinations you can master in Riven.

How to fix this
There are several ways to do it:

  1. Get the champion you want in the Practice Tool and don't leave until you've mastered a combo.
  2. Play your champion over and over and look for specific examples of when you can use certain combinations
  3. Play normal games until you're ready to play that champion in the rank.

Practice makes perfect in League of Legends. If you can get out of your way to practice certain champion mechanics, you will find that you outperform someone who plays a champion casually. You can master his combos by watching how-to videos, trying to recreate them, and then putting them into practice in a real match.

5) You don't spend time on research

When it comes to climbing, you may be able to reach a high rank without doing any research. Experience plays a huge role in climbing, and the more experience you have, the better. Many gamers do some kind of limited "research" by watching videos or broadcasts, but they don't always put what they learn into practice. Unless you're actively researching and trying to improve your own game, you may fall short of climbing.

The lack of effort in this area can often be the difference between layers. Near Gold to Plat, inside learning matches You need to start learning about and outside, stay on top of finding optimal structures, and learn how to make optimal macro decisions regarding knowing when to return, group or continue farming. Players who do this can move on to the next level more easily, those who don't tend to get stuck in these ranks.

How to fix
If you do your research, you can take what people suggest and try to apply what they say or do to your own game and adapt from there. For example, if you were to watch Exil's video suggested above, you might try perfecting some of the combinations he suggested and consider when you might use them. Once you understand this, heed the advice given to the Practice Tool and regular games until you're ready to try it in the rankings.



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