League of Legends Gwen Build – Gwen Skills

League of Legends Gwen Build – Gwen Skills ; The one who came to Summoner Valley recently Gwen's capabilities and features announced.

League of Legends Many characters were added to the universe one after another. The newest character to come to Summoner's Rift is Gwen it happened. Located on the good side unlike Viego gwen, He has descended into the valley to stand against the evil that awaits humanity, and he seems determined to stop this threat with his abilities.

League of Legends Gwen Build – Gwen Skills

League of Legends Gwen's Story

In the long-destroyed kingdom of Camavor, there was once a village far from the capital. A modest young tailor living in this village made a doll for himself and named the doll he loved very much, Gwen.

With the tailor, she would spend all her days making things. While the tailor is sewing with a needle and thread, Gwen she would sit next to him, holding her scissors with her motionless hands. tailor girl, Gwen He would invite him to playful duels, and the clink of the cutlery he had chosen as his weapon against the scissors would echo in the candlelit kitchen.

But over time, the games are over, the light is out. Then one night, his eyes opened. It was the first time he had found himself awake on a beach in the shadows, far from home. Some magic she didn't know what had turned her into a living blood-stained girl who could move her hands and feet on her own!

League of Legends: Gwen's Skill Set

Passive – Thousand Cuts

  • Gwen's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage on hit based on her percentage of health. Basic attacks against champions heal him for a fraction of the damage dealt.

Q - Knock Knock!

  • Gwen quickly uses her shears two to six times, dealing magic damage to a cone-shaped area. Gwen uses her scissors at least twice and deals one additional scissor strike for each basic attack she hits the opponent (up to four more for a total of six hits).
  • Enemies at the center of each scissor strike take bonus magic damage from Thousand Slash in addition to true damage.

League of Legends Gwen Build

W - Blessed Mist

  • Gwen surrounds herself in Holy Mist for five seconds, gaining armor and magic resist while inside it. Enemies outside of the mist cannot target Gwen and cannot hit her with abilities. The fog follows Gwen the first time she tries to leave the area, but disappears the next time.

E – Force Horse

  • Gwen dashes a short distance and amplifies her attacks for four seconds, gaining range, speed, and magic damage on-hit. Meanwhile, attacking an enemy refunds 50% of the ability's cooldown.

League of Legends Gwen Build

R – Loop Loop

    • Gwen can cast Loop Loop up to three times, but must hit an enemy within 8 seconds before she can unlock each consecutive cast. Each cast fires stings that travel in a line, dealing magic damage, slowing enemies, and dealing bonus magic damage from Gwen's Thousand Slash.
    • The first use throws one needle, the second use three needles, and the last use five needles. Each of the nine pins hitting the opponents applies the effect of Thousand Cuts once (ie, nine times in total).

    League of Legends: Gwen Build and Rune

    League of Legends: Gwen Build

    • Vadiyaran
    • Nashor's Tooth
    • Cosmic Accelerator
    • Rylai's Crystal Staff
    • Zhonya's Hourglass
    • Wizard Shoes

    League of Legends: Gwen Build

    Primary Rune: Precision

    • Invincible
    • Zafer
    • Myth: Leaking
    • Final Impact

    Secondary Rune: Domination

    • Sudden Impact
    • Greedy Hunter

    Tertiary Rune:

    • Attack
    • Flexible
    • Defense

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