League of Legends developer reveals plans for Clash in 2021

League of Legends developer reveals plans for Clash in 2021 ; League of Legends' long-awaited team tournament system, Clash, finally arrived in the MOBA game last year, giving players the chance to "fight as fives – win as one" for the first time ever in the mode. Now, developer Riot Games has released a series of details on how it aims to make the mode even better for next year.

League of Legends developer reveals plans for Clash in 2021

League of Legends developer reveals plans for Clash in 2021

“Clash is just at the beginning of its journey to become the best competitive organized gaming experience for League players around the world,” says Cody “Riot Codebear” Germain, product leader for competitive gameplay. “This year, we are focusing on the three biggest issues that have dampened player interest and enthusiasm for Clash.”

Having spent most of 2020 moving the mod to a more stable and supported state, the Clash team wants to achieve three big priorities for improving the mod this year: “give players better ways to find others to fill their roster”, “lower barriers to entry to Clash” and “Detect and activate smurfs earlier in Clash”.

To address the first of these points, Riot is implementing a 'Build Team' version 2. Among the 2.0's new features is giving free agents access to a 'Find Teams' page that shows the teams watching the players, which you can apply to fill a spot.

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Additionally, 2.0 makes notifications pop-up for team captains when a free agent applies to join their team, and they can also see all pending applications on an invite screen. Riot says it aims to develop teams that are a part of the process, as it thinks that “teams with good tournament experience together will naturally want to regroup in the future.”

Regarding hurdle reduction, it looks like there will be more flexibility with sequential placements and forward entries. At the start of the year, Riot is allowing players who haven't completed their 2021 standings to compete in the Shadow Isles trophy as long as they've been ranked in last year's season. did not want to rush to participate”. The studio says it will carry that into future seasons.

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Also, Clash's pace doubles every two weeks instead of once a month. This is because players who can't make a session will not be able to play on the trot for eight weeks. The developer is also considering hosting some special Clash events throughout the year to help those who find it hard to do their weekends. Wonderful things.

As a final priority, Germain says the Clash team is investigating how to bring improvements to Ranked matchmaking to tournament mode. as well as providing tournament participants with greater clarity on match quality expectations”.

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