League of Legends 11.5 Patch Review

League of Legends 11.5 Patch Review ;Next week's patch will potentially set 15 champions. Another patch, another balance list.

League of Legends game design director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has outlined the Patch 15 preview today, which will manage changes to 11.5 champions.

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League of Legends 11.5 Patch Change Review

on the menu Udyr, Master Yi ve sejuaniWith multiple junglers with tweaks to , seraphine bot handling also makes an adjustment.

Black Cleaver, Maw of Malmortius, Serpent's Fang, stridebreaker It's being adjusted in Patch 11.5.


seraphine once again giving Riot balancing issues by making multiple bot handling skins in the pro game. But Starry-Eyed Songstress will sing a different song in next week's patch. Scruffy, although it has not yet provided details on the nerfs, according to Surrender seraphine updated on PBE today.

  • Champion's ultimate cooldown from 160/140/120  180/150/120 to the second removed
  • Scene Presence passive also adjusted, followed by note damage as a percentage dropped from 95 to 25 percent.
  • But note minion damage is more than 200 percent Increased to 300.

Patch 11.4's extensive jungle camp debuffs and Udyr'Even with his hit in Patch 11.3 for the Phoenix Stance, Spirit Walker still dominates the current meta. Riot can focus on the champion's jungle clearing, which can help him collect gold and XP faster than his opponents, helping him to drop a nail.

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League of Legends 11.5 ==> Mid Tier List

Master Yi

And it seems that last week's jungle nerfs took a toll on Master Yi. According to Champion.gg Yicurrently navigating the Platinum and above rankings with a 48 percent win rate. Powering up the Wuju Bladesman must be handled delicately as it can often be a terror to opposing teams. He'll probably get the most out of some base stat buffs to armor or AD to help him farm better on his first clear.




Sejuani, who has a 50.1% win rate in the platinum and above rankings, is also getting stronger. This could go even further, as jungle changes potentially give tanks more power. Fury of the North can be incredibly powerful with intense crowd control, making it a threat to weaker champions.


For League of Legends' Patch 11.5, Riot Games has announced that it will bring multiple changes to several items. According to League game design director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter, Stridebreaker's power will be adjusted while Black Cleaver, Maw of Malmortius, and Serpent's Fang are buffed.

These items are receiving some changes after sitting in the shop as some of the least priority items in popular crafting paths. The worldwide popularity of Black Cleaver, Maw, and Serpent's Fang is 2,3 percent, 0,5 percent, and 0,7 percent, respectively.

Currently, the changes to PBE allow Cleaver to gain 100 health increase, gold cost reduction, and a new secondary passive effect called Fury, where physical damage to a champion grants five movement speed per Carve stack for two seconds.

Maw, on the other hand, sees an overall gold cost reduction from just 400 to 3.100 with the cost of combining reduced to 2.800. There are no other changes to their system or passive.

Serpent's Fang changes his Shield Reaver passive so that damaging an enemy champion reduces the shields they gain by 50% for three seconds. This effect will change to 25 percent for ranged champions. If you damage an enemy that is not affected by the Shield Reaver, you reduce all shields on it by the same amount.

Finally, Stridebreaker replaces some of his power, whose damage is reduced from 100% AD to 75%. Active slow is also reduced from 60 percent to 40 percent, but dash range is increased by 100. As a result, the item doesn't hit that hard but can be used as a better chase or escape tool.

Patch 11.5 will be released on Wednesday, March 3rd.


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