Word Trick

Word Trick ; Turkey's most played word game has passed 14 million members! We would like to thank all our players who helped us achieve this success. Download our free game now to join the Word family and enjoy the Turkish word game with your friends.

Features of Our Word Cheat Game:

★ Words everywhere! You can play on your mobile device or your computer.

★ You can open up to 20 games at the same time, so you can continue the game without waiting.

★ You can enter the championship fight by participating in the Super League held every week.

★ You can invite your friends to the game by logging in with your Facebook account and play with your old and new friends.

★ If you wish, you can play games with random players and make new friends.

★ You can chat with the person in front of you while playing the game.

★ With the PRO membership, you can turn off the ads, have the scores calculated automatically, open a series of games, increase the number of games that can be opened at the same time, access detailed statistics and different pro appearances. In addition, we are giving away the letter table feature to PRO members and we are also opening the 10-person friend list feature.

With the automatic score calculator, you can automatically calculate your score instantly.

★ With the serial game option, you can open a game with a minute-by-minute move time.

★ With the letter table, you can find out how many letters are left.

★ With the friend list, you can add people you play with frequently and reach them easily.

★ You can change your profile frame color with the color frame.


At the point where you can't find the words and are stuck anymore words.net address and application will be your greatest helper. When you enter the site, you encounter two options, the first is Word Finder and the other is Word Lists.

Word Finder You must enter the letters you have in the first box on the page. In addition, if there are letters you want to be in the word you are looking for, you can enter them in the second field and have the appropriate words listed.

Word Lists On the page, you can list the appropriate words by using one of the options that start with the letter or syllable you want, end or pass in it.

Have fun…

Our game is constantly being developed in line with your requests.

We refer to the Turkish Language Association Current Turkish Dictionary in our game. this dictionary http://www.tdk.gov.tr/index.php?option=com_gts You can reach the address, you can check our words.

It provides income from the advertisements in the game in order to cover the costs of the word server. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you, our players, by the advertisements we broadcast.


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