I Can't See Instagram Comments (2024)

I can't see instagram comments ve it doesn't seem We investigated this issue due to the increasing number of complaints. If you can't see the comments you made or others made in 2024, you will learn why and how to fix it. Instagram, which is one of the most active and most used social media platforms of today, may seem like a classic photo sharing platform at first, but it is an application that directs social media platforms today. We can see what they are doing by following not only the friends we know, but also the new people we meet through the application or even those we have never talked to. The most important feature of the application is to be able to comment under the posts, even though it may seem very ordinary.

Even when we are bored, we can spend our hours with the posts shared by various entertaining or interesting pages in the Instagram application. In fact, sometimes we understand that the pleasure of reading the comments made under these posts and making comments is also different. Recently, we have seen an increase in the number of pleas that the comments are not visible after the complaints that I can't see instagram comments. We did not find any up-to-date content on this subject in domestic sources, and we noticed that the old content is not solution-oriented, causing users to become victims. If you have a problem like Instagram comments are not visible, apply the solution and finish your complaints that I can't see. If the problem still persists, please let us know as a comment.

I Can't See Instagram Comments (2024)

I can't see instagram comments complaints started to occur after the update to the application in 2024. If you can't even see the comments under the posts shared by yourself, this is a serious problem for such an application. Of course, in order not to damage the image, Instagram does not show it, although it takes complaints such as I can't see such comments seriously. They are working to solve the problem by investigating the source of the problem without any official explanation. But while all this is going on, Instagram users do not even realize that the error was noticed and they are working on it.

There are some steps that can end Instagram comments can't see complaints. You can try the solutions we have explained below. In this way, you will learn how to disappear when an error appears. If you're still getting the error after trying the solutions and the comments aren't showing, let us know. We will continue to search for current solution methods for you.

Instagram Comments Not Appearing Error

Although Instagram comments do not appear, it actually looks like an error, but this is a technical glitch. Some systemic disconnections in the servers cause users to not be able to see the comments under the posts. When you see such a problem, it is actually solved. But you realize too late that this problem has disappeared. Since the mini updates and fixes are not as big as application updates, they occur without the need for additional downloads. Get rid of your Instagram comments not showing problem by following the steps below.

  1. Close the Instagram application completely,
  2. Restart your device and log into the app.

The 2-step solution method above may actually seem very irrelevant. However, we restart the location of our Instagram application on our device so that it completes background mini-updates. In this way, the interruptions in the servers and data exchange are eliminated and your complaints such as I cannot see the comments come to an end.