Stardew Valley: How to Use the Recycling Machine

Stardew Valley: How to Use the Recycling Machine , How to Use Stardew Valley Recycling Machine? Stardew Valley players who want to take advantage of the game's recycling machine and understand its advantages can refer to this article.

Fishing in Stardew Valley can lead players to snowy days when crops or foraging aren't bringing much gold. There are loads of different areas for players to fish, and each one has some unique species based on the weather, time of day and time of year. However, this activity is not always fruitful, and players will soon find that they can hunt trash in Stardew Valley.

However, this garbage is not just a waste. Players hunt for items in Stardew Valley Recycling Machine They can turn them into much more useful items. Here's everything players need to know about this item and what it can do.

Stardew Valley: How to Use the Recycling Machine

As with other items, players have a Recycling Machine they have to earn their way. This item can be crafted, but the recipe is for one player only Stardew ValleyIt becomes available after reaching Fishing level 4 in . Reaching this level comes after players have caught quite a bit of fishing, collecting Crab Pots, or collecting items from Fish Ponds. The recipe requires 25 wood, 25 stone, and 1 Iron Rod. The first two items are relatively easy to come by, but an Iron Rod requires players to collect 5 Iron Ore and a single piece of coal and combine them in a Furnace.

Players, Recycling Machines In addition to producing, they can earn one for themselves by completing the Field Research Bundle at Stardew Valley's Community Center. This pack is on the Bulletin Board and requires a Purple Mushroom, a Nautilus Shell, a Chub, and a Frozen Geode to complete.

How to use?

Once placed, Recyclers can be activated by activating an appropriate item and right-clicking on the machine. There are five trash items that a Recycler can recycle for players in Stardew Valley:

Trash: (1-3) Stone, (1-3) Coal or (1-3) Iron Ore
Driftwood : (1-3) Wood or (1-3) Coal
Wet Newspaper: (3) Torch or (1) Cloth
Broken CD : (1) Refined Quartz
Broken Glass: (1) Refined Quartz

Garbage has the highest chance of being converted to Stone (49%), then to Coal (31%) and finally to Iron Ore (21%). Driftwood has a higher chance of being converted to Wood (75%) than Coal (25%). Finally, Soggy Newspaper is much more likely to be converted into Torches (10%) than Cloth (90%). The Recycler takes an hour in-game to recycle trash and unfortunately cannot recycle Joja Cola or Rotten Plants.