How to Use Stardew Valley Fish Food? | Baits and Fishing Rods

How to Use Stardew Valley Fish Food? How to attach Stardew Valley bait? Stardew Valley Fishing Bait, Stardew Valley fishing rods, Items that make fishing easier, For you Stardew Valley We have prepared a bait and fishing rod guide…

How to get every Stardew Valley fishing rod?

Get the right tool first, reliable on the hook you will need. Stardew Valley'There are also four types and they get better and better as you improve your fishing skills. four species Bamboo Pole, Training fishing line, Fiberglass fishing line and Iridium fishing line. Here are the details and how to get them:

Bamboo fishing line: 500G

On your second day in the game, you can accept the invitation of the fisherman Willy and get a bamboo pole. You cannot use bait or tackle on a bamboo pole.

Training fishing rod: 25G
The training rod is what you should use if you have trouble fishing. Sets the player's fishing level to 5 so the green block is significantly larger. It makes catching fish easier, but you can only catch basic fish with it. Practice with it to grasp the basics and move on. You can buy it from Willy's fish shop on the pier.

Fiberglass fishing line: 1800G
Fiberglass fishing rod can be purchased from Willy's fish shop for 1800G after reaching level three in fishing. You can use bait on a fiberglass rod to help you fish, but not fishing gear.

Iridium fishing rod: 7500G
The iridium rod can be purchased from Willy's shop for 6G after reaching level 7500 in fishing. This rod makes fishing much easier by allowing you to use both bait and tackle.


Bait, great Fiberglass Hook and one Iridium Fishing Rod can be attached or Crab Potwhat can be placed

Fishing rods do not require bait, but fish are caught faster with bait; special baits provide additional benefits. Crab Containers require bait to catch fish, but the type of bait has no effect on the crab containers. Yem It is always a disposable item.


To attach bait to a rod, open your inventory, click the bait (left click or right click depending on how many you want to get) and then right click the rod. Right-click on the stick to remove the bait.

A piece of bait or a magnet is used in each plaster. When all bait is used up, the game pops up a notification saying “You used the last bait”.

On an Xbox controller, press A on the bait to select the entire stack (or X to get a single one), then press X to attach to the stick.

On a PS4 controller, press X on the bait to select the entire stack

On a Nintendo Switch Controller, press A on the bait to select the entire stack (or Y to get a single one), then press Y to attach to the stick.

Bait, It can be removed by pressing X on any of the controllers. (Y on Nintendo Switch)

For the mobile version, you can add bait to your rod by opening your inventory, then drag and drop the bait onto the rod.

Bait Items

Yem It allows the fish to be caught faster. First of all, it must be attached to the fishing rod. The default bait reduces the time it takes for the fish to bite (reduces the delay before a gnaw by 50%) and reduces the chance of picking up litter. The recipe is earned at Fishing Level 2. Stardew Valley Fish Food5g Stardew Valley Fish Food Insect Meat (1)
Magnet Increases the probability of finding treasure while fishing. On the other hand, fish do not love the taste of magnetism. Increases treasure chance by 100% (15% chance instead of base 30%). Despite the description, the bite rate is the same as for standard bait. The recipe is earned at Fishing level 9. gold.png1.000g Iron Bar.png Iron Ingot (1)
Wild Fodder Linus' unique recipe. It creates the possibility of catching two fish at once. It reduces the time it takes for the fish to bite a little more than the standard bait, reduces the delay before gnawing by 62,5%. The recipe is obtained by Linus gaining four trophies and approaching his tent between 8 pm and 12 am in a day when it is not raining. No fiber.png Fiber (10)

slime.png Slime (5)Stardew Valley Fish Food Insect Meati (5)

Magic Bait It allows you to fish from any season, time or weather condition, whatever type of water you throw in. You will receive 20 magic baits upon purchase. Qi Gem.png 5 Radioactive Ore.png Radioactive Ore (1)

Bug Meat.png Insect Meat (3)

Stardew Valley bait and gear: Items that make fishing easier

Hala fishingAre you having a problem? Using bait and tackle makes this much easier. The bait reduces the delay before the fish bite and can increase the chances of finding treasure. Then it's worth learning how to fight. The tackle can only be attached to an iridium rod and purchased from Willy's fish shop. Here are the baits you can buy with money and/or crafting materials:

Stardew Valley Fish Food

Bait: 5G / Insect Meat (1)
It makes the fish bite faster and reduces the bite delay by 50 percent. The default bait crafting recipe is unlocked after fishing level 2.

Magnet Bait: 1000G / Iron Rod (1)
This recipe increases the chance of finding sunken treasure. Unlocked at fishing level 9.

Wild Fodder: Fiber (10), Slime (5), Insect Meat (5)
You can learn this recipe from Linus once you've won four friendship hearts with him. It gives you the chance to catch two fish at the same time.

Rotator: 500G/Iron Rod (2)
Slightly increases bite speed and reduces the maximum delay before a bite by 3,7 seconds.


Dressed Spinning Machine: 1000G / Iron Rod (2), Cloth (1)
Increases bite speed and reduces the maximum delay for a bite by 7,5 seconds.

Trap Bobber: 500G / Copper Rod (1), Handle (10)
This struggle makes the fish run slower when you don't wrap them. Your fish rod decreases 66% slower.

Cork Bobber: 750G / Wood (10), Hardwood (5), Slime (10)
It is expensive in terms of production resources, but slightly increases the size of your fishing rod.

Bobber Lead: 200G
This kit adds weight to your fishing rod.

Treasure Hunter: 750G / Gold Bar (2)
It increases the chance of finding treasure by 33% and ensures that the fish do not escape while you get your reward.

Barbed Hook: 1000G/Cooper Ingot (1), Iron Ingot (1), Gold Ingot (1)
It makes your fishing rod 'stick' to the fish, automatically following the fish up and down.

Stardew Valley fishing skill levels

Fishing experience is gained from fishing. For example, progressing through the levels will make your green fishing rod larger. Your fishing rod type does not affect your skill, but as you gain experience points from all types of fishing, including crab pots. Here are all ten fishing levels, with associated abilities to choose from:

1: Fishing mastery +1
2: Fishing proficiency gains +1, the ability to craft bait
3: Fishing expertise +1, craft a crab bowl and get a recipe for Dish o' The Sea
4: Fishing rod expertise +1, make a recycling machine
5: Fishing Specialization +1, specializes as a Fisher (fish are 50 percent more valuable) or Trapper (reduced resources to craft crab pots)
10 Fishermen: Fishing specialization +1, Specializes as Angler (fish are 50 percent more valuable) or Prate (doubled chance to find treasure)
10 Trapper: Fisherman +1, specialize as a Marine (crab pots never catch trash) or Luremaster (crab pots no longer require bait)