Minecraft: How to Improve Your FPS | Minecraft FPS Boost

Minecraft: How to Improve Your FPS | Minecraft FPS Boost There are many ways to help improve FPS in Minecraft. Here's a look at some of the best.

Despite its seemingly simple, blocky aesthetic, Minecraft, it doesn't always run silky smooth when it comes to performance, especially for those with weaker hardware. This is partly because of the immense scope and versatility of this sandbox saga, and the game design complexities skillfully built into it.

Extensive expansion, players who prefer to collect buildings and items, especially fps and they may find themselves facing some tough patches when it comes to overall performance. But thanks to the game's versatility and abundance of resources, one's Minecraft experience can be greatly improved by increasing the frames per second.

These are a choppy or sluggish pattern that can bog things down. fpsThese are some of the simplest, most effective, and overall best ways to fix . Some of these methods are more subtle, but others can provide significant boosts that can double or even triple fps.

Minecraft: How to Improve Your FPS | Minecraft FPS Boost

1-Install Optimization Mods

Minecraft FPS Boost
Minecraft FPS Boost

One of the great things when it comes to Minecraft is the versatility of tweaking the experience with mods, programs, and other in-game tweaks. This is also true when it comes to performance enhancing programs. There are even some mods like BetterFps and OptiFine that specifically emphasize fps boost.


Minecraft FPS Boost
Minecraft FPS Boost

Disclaimer: This comes with some risks for the less technologically inclined, but it's something that comes with a pretty hefty reward if done right.

This method involves increasing the clock speed of a computer so that it goes above and beyond what is approved by the manufacturer. This process, called "overclocking", can potentially damage a person's computer if pushed too far. However, it can also greatly improve the performance of PC games. This piece explains in detail the process involved in overclocking a computer.

3-Set the Java Executable to “High Priority”

Just as a person's computer can be upgraded for performance, so can software running Minecraft, Java. This executable Windows application can be quickly accessed by pressing ctrl + shift + ESC keys together. This will open the Task Manager.

Click the Details tab and right-click Javaw.exe. Go to Set priority and click high. This will shift more resources to the app, which will generally produce better results and a smoother framerate in-game.

4-Increase PC's Performance

Minecraft FPS Boost

Even for those with a powerful PC, there is a high probability that it will not work to its full potential. Gamers can increase the performance and power their machines use by typing “power options” into the Windows search bar at the bottom of the screen.

A control panel window will open that will allow the user to change the intensity of the machine's performance and power usage. Click on the ultimate performance and voila! This should be considered especially if using a desktop and power consumption is not an issue.

5-Disable Fullscreen and Remove Fullscreen Optimization

Minecraft FPS Boost

Those who don't mind losing a touch of this immersive, theatrical experience should consider disabling the full-screen view, especially players with weaker graphics cards. Doing this simple task allows for less processing and therefore a smoother experience.

To do this, switch "full screen" to "off" and reduce the window size. While the view will be smaller, the game should run a little better.

To go one step further, right click on Minecraft shortcut and select properties and click on compatibility tab. Then click Disable fullscreen optimizations and click apply.

6-Revert Graphics Settings

Minecraft FPS Boost

In addition to rendering settings, various other graphic details can be tweaked or turned around to improve performance and framerate in Minecraft.

Go to “Video settings” and do the following:

  • Set the maximum fps to Unlimited.
  • Turn off clouds and smooth lighting.
  • Set particles to minimum.
  • Turn off V-Sync.
  • Disable biome smoothing.
  • Change “Graphics” to “quick”.
  • Decrease FOV (field of view)

7-Close Hardware Required Tasks

Minecraft FPS Boost

While there are various in-game cheats for a more fluid experience, there are several ways Minecraft's framerate can be increased by tweaking some PC settings. One of the most effective is to close other programs running at the same time, especially the more hardware-intensive ones.

To get an idea of ​​what programs are running, open the Task Manager and clean up any unnecessary software that is using large amounts of memory. More RAM can now be allocated to Minecraft.

8-Cut Render Distance

Minecraft FPS Boost

One might not think that a blocky game like Minecraft is very demanding when it comes to horsepower, but it can be hardware-intensive when it has to constantly load assets from great distances. Fortunately, the rendering distance can be shortened a bit.

To do this, click on “options” and go to “video settings”. In the upper right corner of the menu there can be a bar that controls the render distance. If that number is over 12, it might be a good idea to move it at least a few clicks down. Don't take it too low though, as navigating the game can be a little tricky if it's below the eight to ten range.

9-Update Graphics Card Drivers

Minecraft FPS Boost

Most of the performance of a PC game comes from the graphics card used. Gamers often run their games without realizing that their graphics card can take a hit with a simple and fairly quick update to their graphics drivers.

The latest drivers can usually be found on the GPU manufacturer's website. To make this process even easier and more streamlined, download an automatic driver updater like Driver Easy.

10. Keep Things Simple in the Game

Minecraft FPS Boost
Minecraft FPS Boost

ironically, MinecraftOne of the most effective ways to soften 's performance is to do less in-game. Focus on flatter, flatter terrain with less exploration and fewer assets populating it.

A useful trick with this is to use the "WorldBorder" command in the game, which limits how wide the world can be. This is accomplished by opening the chat window and typing “/worldborder set [SizeInBlocks]”.

A smaller, simpler, less cluttered world at play would prove far less demanding on Java and the hardware it runs on.


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