Stardew Valley: How to Obtain Cinder Shards | Ash Fragments

Stardew Valley: How to Obtain Cinder Shards | Ash Pieces, What Are They Used For? , How players can obtain Cinder Shards and what they are used for in Stardew Valley are explained in our article.

Cinder Shards to obtain and everything else to know about what they are used for in the game. Update 1.5 added tons of content to Stardew Valley. This isn't the first major update the game has received, and it's all given fans something new and exciting to spend more time on the game.

With the 1.5 update ginger island added – an island that the player can visit and do all sorts of different activities, including farming and growing seasonal crops. Gaining access to Ginger Island is essential to obtaining Cinder Shards.

Stardew Valley: How to Obtain Cinder Shards

First, to get Cinder Shards, you first need to go to Ginger Island and then reach the volcano where Volcano Dungeon is located. We have a guide that helps players navigate the dungeon and reach the bottom floor. In the dungeon, there are two different ways to obtain Cinder Shards: digging knots and fighting certain monsters.

There are Cinder Shards Nodes scattered all over the dungeon and the player can remove them with a pickaxe. They look like rocks from which Cinder Shards came out. It's also wise to go on a Good Luck day so that when the knot is broken, more knots have a chance to spawn. Players can check their luck daily by turning on the TV and watching the Fortune teller channel.

There are also four monsters in the dungeon that have a chance to drop one or two Cinder Shards after being killed. The probability of each monster dropping pieces is as follows:

Alternatively, it is possible to obtain Ash Shards in a fishpond with at least seven Stingrays. The probability of producing two to five Ash Fragments is seven to ten percent. So even though they don't come in huge numbers, it's a great way to get them passively.

Cinder Shard Uses

Cinder ShardsThe , is often used in The Forge to enchant vehicles, combine rings, and craft weapons. Also, some of the first forges used Cinder ShardIt is also possible to open the weapons that will save them. The forge is located on the 10th floor of the volcano dungeon.

It can be used to trade with the Island Merchant and the dwarf in the volcano dungeon. For 100 Ash Shards, it is possible to obtain Digest Clown Shoes, a Forest Torch for five shards, a Double Wild Bed for 100 Ash Fragments, and a Deluxe Retaining Earth Recipe for 50 Ash Fragments.

It is also a crafting and tailoring material, with a Cloth and a Cinder Shard, players can make sunglasses. It can also be used as an orange dye. And finally, Twenty Ash Shards, 50 Hard Wood, and 50 Bone Fragments will create an Ostrich Hatchery.