Skyrim: How to Obtain Pirate Ship House | Pirate Ship Home

Skyrim: How to Get the Pirate Ship House? | Pirate Ship Home ; Skyrim fans who want to live on a pirate ship can learn how to unlock the Dead Man's Dread player house in this short article.

Players who want to play the role of pirates in Skyrim may be interested in taking up residence in Dead Man's Dread. Indeed, this legendary ship is the perfect home for a freebooter and is open to all owners of the Anniversary Edition. For fans who want to learn a little more about unlocking the pirate ship in Skyrim, all the details can be found in this post.

Skyrim: How to Obtain Pirate Ship House

How to Unlock Pirate Ship House in Skyrim?

The first step in getting this pirate ship home is to verify that you have Dead Man's Dread Creation installed. This can be done through the Creation Club, accessed from the game's main menu, and again, Creation is included in the Skyrim Anniversary Edition. Once Dead Man's Dread is installed, fans should head back to the game and head to Solitude.

More specifically, players should go to Winking Skeever in Solitude and look for a book called The Restless inside. This book can be found on a table in the inn, among a jug of wine, a mug, and some gold pieces, and reading it will set off the Restless quest. This quest is key to claiming Dead Man's Dread as the player's residence, and begins by sending Skyrim fans to examine a pirate's corpse in Castle Dour's dungeon.


While this preliminary step can be approached in several different ways, probably the easiest option is to persuade the guard to grant access to the cell where the body was found. Players can simplify this approach by interacting with the Shrine of Dibella in Skyrim's Temple of the Divines, as this will make it easier to persuade the guardian. Regardless of how a fan enters the cell, they should read Kevon's Note on the table and continue to follow the quest waypoints.

Eventually these waypoints will take players to the Blackborne Isle, where they will find Dead Man's Dread inside his cave. This is where fans will complete the Restless quest, but they won't be able to take over the ship as soon as it's over. Indeed, players must receive a pirate note from a Courier before they can officially call Dead Man's Dread home, and that's it. SkyrimThis can be done by going to any of the major cities in . and pushing the in-game clock forward 24 hours.