Psychonauts 2: How to Obtain Bacon | Bacon

Psychonauts 2: How to Obtain Bacon , Psychonauts 2: bacon ; A little bit to call Ford Cruller bacon trying to find Psychonauts 2 players, you can learn the location of pastrami in this article.

Players, Psychonauts 2They'll talk to Truman Zanotto during his Motherlobe critical mission in . To do this, fans will need to grab a piece of bacon, but it may not be immediately obvious exactly where this food item can be found. Fortunately, Psychonauts 2'also bacon It is quite easy to obtain and this guide details exactly how players should deal with this task.

Psychonauts 2: How to Obtain Bacon

pretty simple, bacon looking for players Psychonauts 2's Motherlobe must go to the Atrium. This location is home to a number of unique services and shops, and will appeal to fans trying to call the Ford Cruller. NOODLE BOWL. For complete clarity, this cafe is flanked by the barber shop to the left and the classroom to the right, and the large neon sign in front of it should make it pretty easy to identify.

NOODLE BOWLUpon arrival, players must enter, approach the safe and interact with the chef standing behind the counter. This action is the NPC's Psychonauts 2 a piece of Honey Pepper for your hero Bacon will trigger a short cutscene. Raz will then hold the meat up to its head, and the Ford Cruller will look like it has tasted bacon in just a few minutes.

After a short chat, fans will find themselves digging into Ford's mind to explore a bit. This exploration begins by reassembling a log torch using the Telekinesis Psi-Power in Psychonauts 2 and will continue as soon as Raz uses his Pyrokinesis ability to light it. From there, players will need to ignite a series of torches, and when they're all lit, a hole will open in a nearby tree trunk.

Players must now go through that hole and take a short boat trip that ends on the moon. Psychonauts 2 fans will then be treated to another cutscene between Raz and Ford Cruller, with the protagonist returning to the Motherlobe when the conclusion is reached. Then find the three Aspects of Ford which can be found in the hairdresser, bowling alley and mail room very close to the Noodle Bowl gameit will be up to them.