Minecraft: How to Obtain Magma Cream What Is It Used For?

Minecraft: How to Obtain Magma Cream What Is It Used For? | Magma Cream ; Magma cream is one of the essential item and ingredient in Minecraft. Here's how to get it and how to use it...

The overwhelming part of Minecraft is the plethora of things players can find. There are hundreds of blocks and miscellaneous items, some of which have important uses and some are only used for very niche purposes.

Anyone who is relatively new to Minecraft may have a hard time trying to understand each recipe and the purpose of each item, and magma cream, is one of these mysterious items when it is first found. In fact, magma crema is an important crafting item and material worth keeping when found.

Minecraft: How to Obtain Magma Cream

Magma, It can be found in Minecraft in the Nether dimension. Therefore, players must first create a Nether portal to access this dimension. It is also recommended that you have at least iron armor and tools before going to the Nether, which is quite a dangerous area in Minecraft.

minecraft magma cream
Minecraft: Cream of Magma

Magma cream can be found easily and fairly commonly in the following places in the Hell dimension:

  • Killing magma cubes: Killing these block-shaped enemies, which spawn most commonly in the Basalt Delta biome in the Nether, will yield magma cream. Bring a sword with the Plunder spell to get even more drops.
  • Bastion Remnant chests: When players encounter a Bastion Remnant, there is a high probability of producing magma cream in both normal chests and treasure chests inside the structure. Watch out for the Piglin Brutes guarding these chests.

How To Make Minecraft Magma Cream

magma cream It can also be crafted in Minecraft, but requires two ingredients that can be hard to find: a slime ball and flame powder. Combine them in any of the crafting grids to get a chunk of magma cream. You can find both materials here:

  • Blaze powder: Nether-exclusive, it can be found by killing Blazes that spawn in Nether castles. These builds are fairly common in the Nether, and there is usually one within 200 blocks of the player's Nether spawn.
  • Slimeball: It can be found by killing Slimes spawning in Slime stacks or swamp biomes (the latter is especially plentiful during a full moon). If the player owns a panda farm, they may also find slimy balls around baby pandas who occasionally sneeze.

How to Use Magma Cream?

some players magma cream Once they have it, they may wonder what to use it for. It has exactly two uses in the game: making fireproofing potions and crafting magma blocks. Its best uses are definitely the fireproofing potion, for example it is incredibly useful in the Nether when exploring and mining the Ancient Debris for Netherite.

Price: Strange Potion and magma cream

Start by making a Strange Potion by combining a water bottle and Hell's wart in the brewing stand. Next, add the magma cream to create the fireproofing potion. The players also fire resistance potion They can add redstone to increase its duration.

Price: Four magma creams in a 2 x 2 pattern

A magma block Four magma creams can be used to make Place them on the crafting grid in a 2 x 2 pattern. magma blocks, burns the player when walked on. When placed underwater, they form a downward column of bubbles that pulls mobs and players down.