Lost Ark: How to Obtain Turtle Mount?

Lost Ark: How to Obtain Turtle Mount? ; Moss Turtle Mounts are some of the best currently available in the Western version of Lost Ark, but here's how you can get them.

The Green, Yellow, and Azure Moss Turtle Mounts are one of many obtainable Mounts in Lost Ark, Smilegate's MMORPG. . And by far one of the most sought after Mounts by new players is Moss Turtles.

Since the Luxury Merchant spawned as early as Prideholme, brand new players see that this Mount can only be obtained for a single Gem Coral, but they have no idea how to obtain it! With that in mind, this cool one from Lost Ark Turtle Let's take a full look at how to get one of their excursions.

Where to Find Quest Line

Lost Ark: Turtle Mount
Lost Ark: Turtle Mount

Once players start navigating the seas of Arkesia, they can go and get what they need for these mounts. Head to Turtle Island, a piece of land between Anikka and Pleccia, where the adventure begins.

Once on this island, players can accept an important Side Quest from a real turtle, Tatan, which takes a boy named Flynn on a five-part mission involving his surrogate (turtle) father, Baham, and their relationship. The five tasks are as follows:

  • The Tortoise and the Boy
  • Looking Like a Turtle
  • breathing like a turtle
  • Diving Like a Turtle
  • Denize

Following this Chain of Quests leads players all over Arkesia to craft different Turtle-like apparatuses for Flynn, ranging from a Turtle Suit in Anikka to a fake Shell made in Arthetine and finally a magical snorkel crafted by sorcerers in North Vern ( Imagine the results of science) ). Additionally, rewards from each of these individual Quests include Rare War Carving Recipe Pick Bags, Creation Pieces, Epic Harmony Chests, and finally Island Spirit for Turtle Island.

Where to Buy Turtles?

Lost Ark: Turtle Mount
Lost Ark: Turtle Mount

After finishing the last Mission in this “To the Sea” Chain, players will receive Island Spirit, some Silver (always required), some Offshore Coin Chests (which can be converted into Pirate Coins) and finally Gem Coral. But where is the Moss Turtle? Players should actually take this Gem Coral to any Luxury Merchant in all major cities and exchange it for one of three different colored Turtle Mounts to choose from.

And what's more, there are two more Turtle Mounts obtainable in the game! One is the Golden Moss Tortoise, awarded to players on the Isle of Opher for 25 Island Tokens, and the other is the Red Moss Tortoise, which requires players to complete An Una's Quest for the “Sinking Island” Reputation Day for a total of 30 Days. .


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