Dying Light 2: How to Get Willow Windmill

How to Get Dying Light 2: Willow Windmill? , Willow Windmill ; The Horseshoe area has a lot to offer as players begin to explore the beginnings of Dying Light 2. However, players will want a safe zone first.

Players Dying Light 2′They will spend the first phases of the project in the first two regions: Trinity ve houndfield The difficulty of the enemy varies slightly, but the zones are not so distinctive as to prevent Aiden from accidentally being dragged from one to the next.

All that changes as explorers get serious. Players to horsehoe When it hits, they are making a legitimate attack on uncharted waters. Such an attitude should be encouraged, but Dying Light 2Remember that is a dangerous place. Any expedition needs to be hooked up to a windmill for UV light and Willow Windmill most suitable for this purpose.

Dying Light 2: Willow Windmill Location

Dying Light 2: Willow Windmill
Dying Light 2: Willow Windmill

Horseshoe territory is not horseshoe shaped and thankfully for that. It's east of the Trinity District, so players will want to consider unlocking the Alder Windmill in the Houndfield district before getting here.

Willow Windmill Since it is at the westernmost point of the county, it is waiting to be discovered first. Those taking the subway to the church will find that they pass directly over the Willow Windmill on the way. A suitable place to relax for those who can master the puzzle.

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Many windmillrequires acquiring some of the best parkour skills in the game to level up, but Willow Windmill is more about cheating than levels. There are two movement mechanisms, but they are synchronized, and the second is climbable, so loss of stamina is not an issue.

Dying Light 2: Willow Windmill

Turn straight and wait for the mechanism to go up. There is another flat platform within reach. There's a hole on the right so big you can crawl through it and not look down.

This is the big number. There is a nice safe boardwalk to the right but going nowhere. On the left is a thin beam to stretch the rope, and that's the right direction. It turns all the way to the back of the structure.

Dying Light 2: Willow Windmill
Dying Light 2: Willow Windmill

At the end, there is a ladder to jump. This is the last step of the journey, jump on it, stand up, then fix the fuse box and claim the place! In the end, players can give it to a faction, but the base rewards of a UV light, a place to rest, and a bag to organize items are good enough for now. Horseshoe Have fun in your area!