How to Fast Travel in LEGO Fortnite?

How to Fast Travel in LEGO Fortnite? Using this comprehensive article How to fast travel in LEGO Fortnite Learn how to navigate and quickly move from one biome to another.

Comprehensive open world sandbox game LEGO FortniteIn , players encounter a variety of different biomes, each with their own thematic elements. in Fortnite LEGO The mode map is reportedly 20 times larger than the standard one. Therefore, navigating this vast landscape poses a significant challenge.

It will take dozens of hours for players to choose to travel from one biome to another on foot. Players can run to move faster, but this is unlikely as it consumes a lot of stamina. Unlike other open world games LEGO Fortnitehas no special fast travel mechanics. However, players can create different vehicles from scratch and transport them between different biomes. travel They can use it to save time and energy.

How to Fast Travel in LEGO Fortnite?

How to Fast Travel Using a Vehicle?

fortunately LEGO Fortnite, allowing players to create makeshift vehicles that significantly increase their speed. Things like Gliders, Cars and Hot Air Balloons in LEGO Fortnite fast travel makes it possible.


How to Fast Travel in LEGO Fortnite?

The glider is an early game gadget that allows players to effortlessly fly long distances. Gliders, although they drain the player's Stamina, Fast travel in LEGO Fortnite It is an effective way to do this, especially when one does not have access to other tools. However, players can only use this when jumping from high places.

Before crafting the Glider, players need to access the Spinning Wheel, Loom, and Rare Crafting Loom. The materials needed to make a glider are 4 Wool Cloths, 6 Silk Cloths and 8 Flexwood Rods.

Pure Wool and Silk can be obtained by petting sheep and killing spiders respectively. They can be processed into Wool and Silk Threads using a spinning wheel. Finally, the threads can be turned into Wool and Silk Fabric using the loom. Flexwood can be collected from the desert and turned into Flexwood Sticks using the Sawmill.


Another option to travel around the LEGO Fortnite map is to drive. Makeshift cars are difficult to use because players cannot move them left or right. But they are perfect for quickly moving from one point to another.

Players can follow the steps below to build cars in LEGO Fortnite.

1-Open the Structure menu and create a Dynamic Foundation using 4 pieces of Flexwood.
2-Place Small or Large Wheels at the corners of this platform. Players can unlock the crafting recipe for Wheels when they harvest Flexwood for the first time.
3-Next, place 2 to 4 Large Thrusters on the car to push the car in the desired direction.
4-Insert an Activation Key to start the car.

Hot-air baloon

Hot Air Balloon is the best way to fast travel in LEGO Fortnite. It allows players to travel to distant lands with ease. Similar to a car, players can only move forward in the Hot Air Balloon and cannot maneuver left or right.

To make a Hot Air Balloon, players can follow the steps below.

1-Open the Build menu and create a Dynamic Base
2-After the platform is placed on the ground, place two Large Thrusters on it.
3-Then add an Activation Key
4-Finally, place a Big Balloon in the middle of the platform. As soon as the balloon begins to rise, interact with the Activation Switch to start moving the Hot Air Balloon.