How to Eat High on Life Douglas

Claiming a reward in High on Life is not as easy as it seems. Douglas is one of the toughest foes in the game and it's time to take him down.

High on Life contains some surprisingly involved boss encounters. In each arena, the player is challenged to take down a formidable enemy with a variety of moves to claim a reward and get one step closer to saving the universe from G3. These fights push the limits of the bounty hunter's abilities and force the player to make full use of their arsenal.

Douglas is a boss encounter that comes in the front half of High on Life's story, but that doesn't mean it isn't a challenge. After solving some weird puzzles, the cute Dr. It is immediately clear that Joopy is actually Douglas. This reveal kicks off a dramatic boss fight that will test the bounty hunter's skills with a balance of precision timing, accuracy, and knowing when to get out of the way.

Fight with Douglas

Once Douglas gets in his suit and starts the boss fight, the best way to beat him will be to keep moving. It fires quick purple pins, but it's relatively easy to maneuver as long as the player isn't caught idle.

Keep up the pressure and wait for him to attack side by side while Douglas is on the ground. While he's moving, fire an orb that can briefly stun him to inflict some additional damage.

At this point in the game, the player must also have access to Gus. Douglas will occasionally start bouncing off the four pillars in the room. Eventually he will stop to fire a few shots at the bounty hunter. Jump over attacks and use Gus's razor to knock Douglas down and deal more damage.

Douglas ile dövüş

At a certain point, Douglas will begin calling in minions for support. These are bait enemies that can be eliminated quickly, but ignoring them can be just as effective because the ground will start to spark electrically.

The panels under the player's feet will ignite in different ways, indicating that they will be harmful if someone is caught standing on them. Not to mention, the bounty outfit will also give a quick on-screen warning to indicate if the bounty hunter is in danger.

Keep moving and watch out for the electrified floor that will challenge the boss arena now. Right in the middle of the room is a hook bug that can be used for a quick escape if needed. Keep Douglas under fire and don't forget to freely use Gus and Kenny's special shots.


As Douglas becomes more injured, the set of moves will become more erratic. Maintain a strategy of constant evasiveness and time shots carefully, whether on the ground or in the air on a column. Eventually, Douglas will fall and the High on Life bounty is ready to be claimed.

Secret Boss Fight

There's a little secret in this fight that can be incredibly fun for returning players. As the bounty hunter is no doubt aware at this point, Dr. Joopy was tricking the bounty hunter into getting his costume to take them down. However, there is a way to foil Douglas' plan, and this secret is worth entertaining.

Dr. After being introduced to Joopy, make sure Gus is the weapon used to solve all the pipe puzzles. Eventually, Gus will catch the gaps in Joopy's story and encourage the player to shoot him in the final puzzle. This then exposes the player's façade to Dr. Provides Joopy with the ability to shoot.

Dr. Joopy collapses into his suit and the secret boss fight will begin not against Douglas, but against Douglas' Suit. This hilarious reversal of the situation illustrates the surprising ways High on Life aims to shatter expectations. The strategy of this fight is exactly the same as the original Douglas fight, but the in-game dialogue inside is completely different and rewarding for any player who is a fan of High on Life's unique storytelling.