Among Us: How to Complete Quests in the Electric Room?

Among Us: How to Complete Quests in the Electric Room? , Data Download and Upload tasks , Fix Cables Task ; The Electric Room is found on most maps in Among us and offers a variety of potential missions for teammates to complete.

among usis one of the most popular cheating games of all time and is taking the world by storm when its popularity peaks in 2020. Since then, the game has evolved to include new maps and new roles for players to tinker with and keep the game going. fresh.

But just as it is important to be a good copycat, it is even more important to be a good teammate. To do this, players must have certain rooms in each map. how are the tasks They need to know what to do. among us a visible room, in which there will always be several quests, regardless of the map It is the electrical room.

1-Reset Breakers

Among Us: Quests in the Electric Room

The third longest mission in the game, Reset Breakers has seven stages and The AirshipIt is specific to . Although there are multiple gates blocking the way in the electrical room includes trying to navigate. This can be a frustrating task, as trying to maneuver between rooms is random every time, and retreating for a meeting can draw players back.

However, the task itself is quite simple. Around the room are seven levers, each with a number on it.

Players must pull down each arm in the correct order. Pulling the wrong lever will cause the mission to reset. The job is complete when all the levers are pulled in the correct order.

2-Download Data

loading data
Among Us: Quests in the Electric Room

among us another unforgettable mission, Data Download and Upload tasks. electrical room , is one of many rooms where a player can be asked to download data, but data upload always the same location per map. Specifically, the Electric room can do this task in The Skeld or Polus.

As they walk towards the screen in the room, players will be prompted to start the download. This takes patience as the download progress bar fills slowly.

At best, this could take eight seconds. Next, players must go to the Admin room (The Skeld) or the Communications room (Plus) to load the data following the same instructions.

3-Forwarding Power

to redirect
Among Us: Quests in the Electric Room

Another short task Steering Force taskis available in the Electric Room on both The Skeld and Airship maps. The first stage will always take place in the Electric Room, the next stage will occur randomly in other parts of the map.

In the first stage, players will see a panel with a set of switches and a monitor displaying electrical energy traffic. Players will notice that one of the sliders is lit. Push this up and then go to the room where the electricity is sent (indicated by the symbols above each slider).

In the next room, players will have to click on the fuse to complete the mission.

4-Calibrate Distributor

Among Us: Quests in the Electric Room
Among Us: Quests in the Electric Room

Although it takes some patience, Calibrate Distributoris one of the simplest tasks to complete. Both Skeld and Zeppelin'The Electricity Room in Istanbul can undertake this task. This is the only mission on the list that does not contain multiple stages.

distributor opening it will reveal three nodes. Each node has an indicator and a connected cord. The goal is for players to align each gauge with the wire by pressing the button under the bar at the right time. This is done one node at a time and if the player makes a mistake, it must start from the beginning of the mission.

5-Fix Cables

among us cables
Among Us: Quests in the Electric Room

An iconic task If so, it's one of the most common in the game "Repair Cables" is his duty. electrical room Home Skeld as well as Poles on the maps task using for. players' cables repair a to the electrical room If they have to go, task What they have to do will always be the first room of several rooms.

When players click on the cable panel, they will see four cables on either side of the screen. Players must drag these wires that match the color and/or symbol on the other side. Once completed, players will need to visit other rooms that will continue the cable mission throughout the map.