How to Change Among Us Game Settings?

Among Us How to Change Game Settings? ;Among Us , players can affect the way the game works by changing different game settings. In this article, we will explain how to make and change Among Us custom game settings.

Among Usgives players the option to customize the settings of the game they install. One of the best parts of the game is that you can select multiple Impostors in the game settings, adjust the movement speed of the players or set the duration of the emergency meetings.

We will give you detailed information about these game settings and we will explain how to change these settings in detail with images. You can add your own rules to the game by changing the game settings in the game. You can also try among Us hide-and-seek mods. You can limit the time and range of view for hide and seek and increase the time it takes for Fraudsters to notice you. So games can become one click more fun. If you wish, let's see how these settings are made…

How to Change Among Us Game Settings?

1. Set up a server by logging into the game

First of all, enter the game by setting up a room in the "Online" section of the main menu Among Us. If you don't know how to invite your friends to the game, you can check out the post here.

How to Change Among Us Game Settings?

2. Go Near the Computer in the Game Launch Lobby

Before starting the game, go to the computer in the waiting lobby and click on the "Customize" text in the lower right.

How to Change Among Us Game Settings?

3. Make the Custom Settings You Specified

The game has a lot of things you can do in this environment. You can apply the settings you have agreed with your friends. Since the game language is English, the settings you can edit in this section are as follows:

  • Number of Emergency Meetings
  • Emergency Time
  • Discussion Time in the Meeting
  • Voting Time
  • Player Speeds
  • Teammate Skin
  • Impostor Vision
  • Cooldown for Next Kill
  • Killing Distance

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How to Change Among Us Game Settings?

4. Joystick Settings

You can adjust your joystick settings from this settings section, as well as adjust the SFX and music section from the sound section.

5. Character Color Setting

In this section you can change the color of your character. You can choose it according to your favorite color.

6. Hat Selection Setting

In this setting, you can choose the hat you want for your character. Be sure to try these hats with different and beautiful designs.

7. Animal Selection Setting

By purchasing animals Among Us, you can take different animals with you. Unfortunately, there are no animals in the screenshot we took. You can check them online.

Among Usis one of the most popular games of the last period, where you can spend pleasant moments with your friends. In addition, thanks to the various game settings it offers, you can increase your enjoyment of the game and play the game with your friends by trying different difficulties.

In this article, we talked about Among Us game settings. We hope that our article was useful, we wish everyone pleasant and enjoyable games with their friends ...

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