Stardew Valley: How to Catch Lingcod

Stardew Valley: How to Catch Lingcod ;Players in Stardew Valley find themselves in a fish that spawns at a time of year. lingcodeThey may find him on a mission that requires them to find and capture him.

Stardew Valley: How to Catch Lingcod

There are many different fish that players can catch in Stardew Valley. Many are required for various packs in Pelican Town's Community Center, while others are required for recipes and side quests.

In Stardew Valley's second year, players will receive a mail-in quest from Willy during the winter months. This quest requires players to catch a lingcod for the fisherman. In return, players will receive 550g and a friendship heart with Willy.

Lingcod is a special fish that will spawn in Stardew Valley only one season of the year. Fortunately for the players, this season is winter. While players receive the letter on the 13th of winter, players will have sixteen days for Willy to find and catch this fish. He can catch a lingcod on any winter day in Stardew Valley.

Where to Find Lingcode

Despite being a saltwater fish in real life, the one in Stardew Valley lingcode great is a freshwater fish. This means that in winter it can be caught in the mountain lake and rivers flowing through Pelican Town.

Lingcod can appear at any time of the day and in any weather. With this in mind, players can catch a lingcod on any winter day in Stardew Valley.

There are two more ways to get lingcod. This is because lingcod may appear randomly in Krobus' store stock and Travel Trolley stock on Wednesday. However, this will not be included in the other lingcod side quest given by Demetrius, which requires players to capture ten language codes within six days.

Like other fish in Stardew Valley, players need to have a fish pond on their farm to raise them. lingcode they can place. They are selling at a base price of 90g with a base price of 120g. An aging lingcod egg will increase this price to a base price of 180g.

lingcodeIt can be used in a variety of recipes like other fish. These recipes are Maki Roll, Sashimi, and Quality Fertilizer. To make Maki Roll and Sashimi, players must both have the recipes and be able to cook unlocked food in the farmhouse.

Despite the extra packages added for Stardew Valley's 1.5 update, there are no packages that require lingcode. All that specifically requires a lingcode is the search for mail from Willy and a six-day limited request from Demetrius. However, players who want to catch every fish will also need to find a lingcod.