Valheim: How to Build a Storage Room Storage Room

Valheim: How to Build a Storage Room Storage Room; This post is here to help Valheim players who want to create a simple yet effective storage room at their base. 

Valheim Its players are thrown into the world with little to help them on their journey. As players progress through the game, they will collect hundreds of gems, cut down dozens of trees, and collect many different items. Valheim players learn early on that storage is a crucial part of the basics and overall gameplay.

storage containers in Valheim The best way to use them is to organize them in an organized warehouse. However, there are a number of different strategies when it comes to classifying items and a pair of chests to choose from. one in Valheim create a storage room For players who want to, this article is here to help.

Valheim: How to Build a Storage Room Storage Room

crafting requires a wide variety of materials, and this is especially true when players undertake serious construction tasks such as building a base in Valheim's world. There are several methods players can use when creating a warehouse, but in general it all boils down to working through as many chests as possible in a limited space.

One of the simpler designs starts by laying the wood flooring 5 by 5. Fortunately, a wooden floor can hold two wooden crates side by side. On top of that, a wooden chest is the same height as a half wooden wall, meaning that in a block (one wooden wall to a wooden floor) there can be 4 chests if players use one half wall to place another. ground on the lower crates.

Storage room
Storage room

Just by making this height, players will have enough space for 20 chests on each side and each division will be able to hold 4 chests and therefore 40 stacks of items. There should be enough space to separate each section with wooden walls, and players can then add a mark on top to distinguish which items can be found there.

Storage room
Storage room

For those interested in a different look, Valheim has a larger chest that players can use instead. This Reinforced Chest can hold up to 24 items, but will cost 10 Fine Wood and 10 Iron instead of the cheap price of the regular chest (2 wood). These can be placed similarly, but take up more space. Ultimately, this increased size and cost makes Reinforced Chests a more challenging and expensive option.

How to Organize a Storage Room

Valheim, It has a long list of resources that players need to accumulate in order to build the items they unlock easier and faster. While new items are added as Valheim continues to be updated, there are a few categories that players will find particularly useful to use in their storage.


First of all, Wood in Valheim is essential for building structures at any point in the game. This section should be the player's go-to to store all the different types of trees in the game. This includes Fine Wood, Core Wood, Normal Wood, and even Valheim's Ancient Shell.


Stone is the second most important item players collect and plays an important role in raising the ground and building structures. Unlocking Stone Buildings comes later in Valheim, but gives players the option to create significantly stronger and more solid buildings and walls.


As players progress through the game, they encounter more complex ores. From Tin and Copper to Iron and Silver, these ores play a big role in crafting better weapons and armor. Besides Valheim's bosses, ore is the best way to measure a player's progress in the game.


Fortunately, Valheim allows players to increase their health and stamina by eating different foods. Unfortunately, their characters are often hungry, and food is crucial to their survival against the fiercest rivals of the world. This storage section should hold the best food in Valheim that players can collect in large quantities.


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