Halo Infinite: How to Change Grenades

Halo Infinite: How to Change Grenades ; Many Grenade types have been available since the beginning of Halo Infinite, but it is not clear how to switch between Grenades. Details can be found in our article…

Halo InfiniteThere are many weapons to choose from and choose from in . types of grenades including. Unlike guns and melee weapons, players can pick up all types of grenades at once, but can only equip one at a time.

Varying grenades is essential when fighting different types of enemies, as some are more efficient at dropping shields, traveling longer distances, or dealing damage. This text, Halo Infinite'also grenadesabout how to change and will detail what each does.

How to Change Grenades in Halo Infinite

playing with a controller Changing grenades in Halo Infinite Press left on the d-pad and then select the corresponding d-pad entry that grenade players want to equip. Halo Infinite: Grenade To switch to the previous grenade to switch on keyboard and mouse “N“eat, to move on to the next grenade”BPress “. These are the default key assignments, but both controller and keyboard and mouse inputs can be remapped from the settings menu.

on the D-pad push up Plasma Bombto the press right Dynamo Bombto the press down Spike Grenadeto and press left Frag Grenadewill turn into . If players run out of a certain type, they automatically move on to the next available type. While this control plan is new to scenario players, Halo Infinite's bombs has become a major topic of discussion for multiplayer fans.

What do the Different Grenade Types do in Halo Infinite?

Plasma Bomb, lowering the shields or Halo InfiniteIdeal for eliminating single, powerful enemies like the 'in Chak' Lok Boss. It sticks to any surface it is thrown at, including enemies. Frag Grenade is the standard choice for killing many enemies at once. They can also roll, meaning players can take more distance with them. Thorn Grenade, as it sticks to surfaces 'Plasma Bomb'similar to and Dynamo BombSlowly drains shields and health while near an enemy. It can also disable tools.

Halo Infinite'de Boom Skullfind any grenade will double the blast radius. This is the campaign Legendary makes it very useful to try on difficulty. Cowbell, Catch ve Bandana Skulls Also in Halo Infinite grenades also affects.

Master Chief's to grenades against increase resistance for players in Halo Infinite spartan cores They can find it and use it to upgrade their shields. This could be the difference between surviving a deadly explosion or not.