Hades: How to Defeat Alecto

Hades: How to Defeat Alecto ; As the Tormentor of Passions title is rightfully earned, this relentless FuryIt will take some effort to beat . Here are some tips and tricks!

By indie developer Supergiant Games in Hades As with all Furies found, Alecto is a relentless Boss who launches deadly attacks in rapid succession until the player is defeated or victorious over him.

This is tough Hades The best way to take down your boss is to watch their attacks to avoid damage from their attacks, but with so much going on at once it can be difficult to keep track of all the Underworld energy blasted across the screen. . This is where reflexes in addition to pancakes will help the player win.

Alecto's Attack (& ​​How to Avoid Them)

Hades: How to Defeat Alecto
Hades: How to Defeat Alecto

Energy Blast Barrage

alecto, It will run around or remain motionless while attracting reddish-pink energy orbs emanating from its position. These spheres will fly outward in circles as if they were waves caused by a splash. Therefore, it is easiest to avoid this attack by staying away from the boss in order to better get through the gaps between the energy orbs.

Slash Strike

The Boss will use its single wings to launch a horizontal attack on the player within melee range. This attack Alecto's For this move, it can be avoided by noticing its large wind, which involves retracting its wing before striking.

Dashing Strike

It's so hard to see you coming alecto sometimes it rushes forward in a linear path for a short distance. Telegraphing is minimal for this move so it would be best to try not to stand in front of the boss if possible to avoid this attack.

Fire Columns

alecto, will call these large black and red circles to the ground, indicating where a fiery column of energy will appear. They are very easy to spot and dodge on their own, but there is a delay between when the attack is launched and the damaging part, Alecto's Having several of them on screen at the same time can be quite dangerous while dealing with other attacks. .

Spirit Summon

Every once in a while, the boss will summon reinforcements by summoning a ghostly ally in the boss room. Only one of these big enemies will spawn at a time and are relatively easy to defeat due to their low HP. They use basic melee attacks with their thick arms to crush them if they get close to the player, so if taking them out is too tedious, they can potentially ignore them completely.

Blade Tornado

In the second phase of the boss fight, alecto He will win this sinister attack, launching a large, slow-moving projectile consisting of an energy orb surrounded by spinning blades. While intimidating, it's pretty slow and has no homing, so players should be able to easily avoid it if they don't stand directly next to Alecto when he launches the attack.