Genshin Impact Yanfei Build

Genshin Impact Yanfei Build , Genshin Impact Yanfei Abilities ; How to get the most out of this four-star Pyro character using the best DPS build?

This four-star user of Pyro Catalyst, Genshin impact It is part of the 1.5 update and comes as part of the latest Zhongli banner. Despite being soft paired with the right side and best DPS build, you can maximize Pyro damage and keep him alive.

Yanfei, He is the best legal expert in Liyue Port and has full knowledge of all aspects of law, also known as "walking law". Also another new Genshin impact She shares a mysterious connection with her character, Eula. Similar to Ganyu, he is part of the illuminated beast and produces red seals that reduce his stamina consumption when using his basic attacks or basic skills and elemental blasts. You can check out all of its capabilities below.

Red seals can be used to increase the radius and damage output of the charged attack, so while there's nothing particularly outstanding with Yanfei's stats, positioning him as DPS alongside shield characters like Diona and Zhongli will help you get the most out of it. Request Best Genshin Impact Yanfei Build ...

Genshin Impact Yanfei Build

Best Genshin Impact Yanfei Dps Build

yanfei You can use his basic attack to slowly spawn red seals, or Make Signed Covenants and Deals to maximize the number of red seals and then follow up with a massive attack. As we mentioned earlier, it can best be paired with shield characters, but to chain basic reactions, we recommend Xingqiu alongside a shield character like Zhongli and powerful jade shields.

Yanfei, relies on generating scarlet seals from normal attacks and maximizing them with elemental abilities, so you'll want to focus on buffing these attacks and doubling the AoE damage. His elemental explosion also applies a glow, periodically giving him a red seal, further increasing the damage of his charged attacks.

Yanfei Build
Yanfei Build


As for the weapons, solar pearl, yanfei very suitable for This, Genshin impact It is a four-star catalyst weapon that you can obtain by increasing the battle pass to 30 and allows you to choose a weapon from the BP Bounty.

This will increase critical strike damage and also feed base skill damage. You should also consider Skyward Atlas, if any - it's a five-star Catalyst that increases the elemental damage bonus and has a chance to inflict additional attack damage.


Ideally, you'll want to use the Crimson Witch of Flames four-piece set to boost Pyro damage and increase the evaporation damage you'll take using Xingqiu. It will also increase overload and combustion damage by 40%, as well as increase all evaporation and melting damage by 15%.

Yanfei Build
Yanfei Build

Genshin Impact Yanfei Abilities

Normal Attack – Seal Of Approval

  • Basic attack: Yanfei, Launches fireballs that deal up to three Pyro damage. yanfeiWhen 's fireballs hit enemies, they grant him a Crimson Seal (up to a maximum of three), and each Red Seal held reduces Yanfei's stamina consumption. Each time this effect is triggered, the duration of any currently held Scarlet Seal is refreshed and the seals are lost when he leaves the battlefield.
  • Loaded attack: Deals AoE Pyro damage to enemies after a short cast time. This attack consumes stamina and all Scarlet Seals currently possessed, and each seal consumed increases the AoE range of the charged attack and damage dealt to enemies.
  • Immersion attack: yanfei plunges into the ground, dealing damage to enemies in its path, and deals AoE Pyro damage when it lands.

Basic Skill – Signed Edict (signed edict)

Summons flames that deal AoE Pyro damage to nearby enemies. Any opponent hit by the flames, yanfeiGives the maximum number of Crimson Emblems to .

Elemental Explosion – Done Deal

When used, this explosion creates a burst of flame to rush nearby enemies. These deal AoE Pyro damage and give him the maximum number of Crimson Seals. Brilliance gives a boost. Brilliance, yanfeiGives the following bonuses:

  • yanfeiGrants a Crimson Mark every few seconds.
    Increases the damage of your charged attack
  • This effect yanfei lasts until it is replaced by another character or falls into battle.

Yanfei Constellations

  • The Law Knows No Kindness: Yanfei When he casts his charged attack, each Red Seal held reduces the additional 10% stamina cost for the charged attack and increases resistance to interruption during its release.
  • Final Interpretation Right: yanfeiIncreases the critical hit rate of 's charged attack by 50% against enemies with less than 20% health.
  • Samadhi Fire-Forged: Increases the level of the Signed Edict by three (up to a maximum of 15)
  • Supreme Forgiveness: When deal is done, he creates a shield that absorbs 15% of his max HP for 75 seconds. Absorbs Pyro damage 250% more effectively.
  • Commitment to Sworn Declaration: Increases the level of the Finished Deal by three (up to a maximum of 15)
  • Extra Substance: Increases the maximum number of Red Seals that can be held by one side.

Yanfei Passive Abilities

  • Encyclopedic Expertise: Shows the location of nearby resources unique to the Liyue region on the minimap.
  • Condition: When Yanfei consumes a Crimson Seal using a charged attack, increase Yanfei's Pyro damage bonus by 5% for six seconds. If this effect is triggered again while the previously triggered Proviso damage bonus is active, the new Proviso damage bonus effect will replace the active Temporary damage bonus.
  • Burning Eye: When Yanfei's charged attack critically strikes, he deals additional AoE Pyro damage equal to 80% of his attack, which counts as charged attack damage.