Genshin Impact Woodlands | Where Is Wood Found?

Genshin Impact Woodlands | Where Is Wood Found? , Genshin Impact wood ; Wood, Genshin ImpactIt is absolutely essential for building in , but each type of wood comes from different trees in various locations.

Genshin impactIn the latest update of , players can build their own houses and fill them with handmade furniture. With the help of Tubby in the Serenitea Pot, players can build, decorate and design. But to build an amazing house, players will need all kinds of woods and woods from all over the map.

Fir Wood (Fir Wood)

of the players Genshin impact The first tree species they can collect after unlocking their enclosure It is Fir. Fir trees are evergreen, coniferous, Christmas tree type trees.

Players can get three pieces of wood per tree, which respawn every few days. The locations of these trees are mostly mondstadt near high altitudes; For Faber's Firs Stormbearer Mountains ve Starsnatch cliff See regions. Players should try to get as much of this wood as possible; It is used in many different drafts.

Fragrant Cedar Wood (Fragrant Cedar Wood)

While fragrant cedar is currently only used in three building recipes, players will likely Genshin Impact'One will want to collect it for future labor plans.

Players can currently use it to build a Red Cedar Curio Stand, Red Cedar Scroll Shelf, and Shopkeeper's Cedar Shelf, each of which needs 12 hard-to-find pieces.

Players near the road Dadaulpa GorgeThey should look for Cedar trees in . These trees are thin and have small leaves. A few other tree species will also be present here, including firs and Cuihuas, but in lesser numbers.

Bamboo Segments

Bamboo pieces should not be confused with bamboo shoots, which are cooking materials. Pieces of wood obtained by cutting bamboo trees, which are very tall, very thin trees with green stems. Bamboo pieces of Genshin Impact, Qingce VillageIt can be found on roads and trails far from .

Sandbearer Wood

Sandbearer trees can be found all over Genshin Impact's map around Minlin and Lisha, but this is the best place to grow them., Port and Lingju Pass are among. Sandbearer trees have pale brown trunks and heart-shaped leaves.

Pine Wood (Pine Wood)

pine trees Wuwang HillIt is found all over the world and players should be able to train them in this area easily.

If they still need more pine trees for all that special furniture that needs to be made to raise their Confidence level with Tubby at Genshin Impact, they can also look around Dragonspine to find more of these tall, evergreen conifers. thin leaves.

Cuihua Wood (Cuihua Wood)

Genshin Impact Wood Places

Cuihua trees give players apples and sunset are fruit-bearing trees. players these trees Mondstadt they can be found everywhere surrounding, but mostly very woody Dadaupa Gorge are located in the region.

Birch (Birch Wood)

Birch trees have white trunks with dark gray tiger stripes on them. These unique looking trees, Dadaupa Gorgewill be found along the road through the river, along with a significant portion of other tree species.