Gene Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

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In this writing Gene Brawl Stars Features and Costumes We will review, It was added to the game in February of last year. Again Brawl Stars capable of inflicting damage to both single and multiple targets with his basic attack, and crowd control thanks to his superpower.  3200 soulful  Gene We will provide information about Features, Star Powers, Accessories and Costumes.

Also The Turkish Gene Nprincipal to playTips What are we will talk about them.

Here is all the details Gene character…


Gene Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
Gene Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Gene Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Geneuses his magic lamp to fire a splitting projectile. His superpower is a magic hand that catches enemies and brings them closer!

Gene, moderate health a man who uses a magic lamp to carry out his attacks. He is a mystical character. Its attack can deal high damage to a single enemy or less damage to multiple enemies. Gene's super captures an enemy and drags him to Gene's location.

accessory Blowing Lamp (Lamp Blowout) knocks back all nearby enemies while healing him.

First Star Power Magical Mist (Magic Puffs) slightly heal allies for each second they are near. Second Star Power Soul Slap (Spirit Slap) increases the damage of his main attack when his Super is fully charged.

Attack: Smoke Burst ;

Gene shoots a solid ball of magic smoke from his lamp. If the ball does not hit a target, it splits and spreads the damage in a cone shape.
Gene fires a medium-range cannon that deals damage and moves relatively slowly. If it does not hit a target, it is divided into 6 projectiles that spread out in a cone (Pennysimilar to ). The damage is evenly distributed between them, and they go for an additional 5,33 tiles. Unlike the Penny, shots will not be interrupted in contact with an enemy.

Super: Magic Hand ;

Gene shoots a magic hand from his lamp. If the hand hits an enemy, it will retreat to Gene's location!
Gene shoots a mid-range hand through obstacles. If it hits the enemy, it will pull the opponent into Gene and meanwhile destroy all the walls the enemy passes through. The gene can also attack while pulling at an enemy, but the hand itself does no damage. The magic hand won't break the walls if it doesn't hold anyone again. target a Diamond Catch  If it is hit with a minecart, its traction will be interrupted.

Brawl Stars Gene Costumes

There are two Gene skins in the game, one of which can be called medium and the other is high priced. Since both costumes are only sold with diamonds, you cannot buy them with star points or gold.

  1. Pirate Gene (80 diamonds)
  2. Bad Gene (150 diamonds)
Gene Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
Gene Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Gene Traits

With her basic attack, Gene fires a ball of magical smoke, dealing damage to a single target. If this ball does not touch the target, it splits into small pieces and deals cone-shaped area damage. His superpower grabs his opponent and draws him to himself. With her accessory Blowing Lamp, she knocks back all nearby enemies and heals herself for 700 health points.

Like all Brawl Stars characters, it still has 7 basic features;

  • Level 1 Health/10. Level Health: 3400/4760
  • Level 1 Damage/10. Level 1000 Damage: 1400/1 (Level 10 Fragment Damage/166 Rank Fragment Damage: 230/XNUMX)
  • Movement Speed: 720
  • Reload Speed: 2 seconds
  • Range: 5,67 (single target) / 11 (cone area damage)
  • Super Power Range: 7,67
  • Super Charge Per Attack: 33,5% (single target) / 5,58% (area damage)
Level Health
1 3200
2 3360
3 3520
4 3680
5 3840
6 4000
7 4160
8 4320
9 – 10 4480

Gene Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : Magical Mist ;

Gene, all the friendly players around in seconds 400 improves for health.
This does not apply to Gene or pets and turrets (ie Scrappy). The size of this area is the area of ​​effect of Pam's healing station.

warrior's 2. star power : Soul Slap ;

When Gene's Super is fully charged, his attack +300 does damage.
This increases main attack damage by 1700 for a total of 300 damage when Gene's Super is fully charged. This also proportionally increases the damage from splitting the shells of his attack. If Gene uses his Super, the effect is lost.

Gene Accessory

Warrior's accessory:Blowing Lamp ;

All enemies close to Gene are instantly repelled. Gene also regenerates 600 health.
Once activated, Gene creates a wave around him with a radius of 2,67 tiles, pushing all enemies away from him and also healing Gene for 600 health. Using this accessory stops the natural healing process, but Gene can still activate the accessory at full health.

Gene Tips

  1. Once launched, Gene can walk backwards, extending the Super's draw. Gene is also extended if he uses a launchpad or teleports while firing his Super.
  2. An enemy can do nothing while being pulled by Gene. Therefore, it is recommended to start shooting as soon as you catch them, not later.
  3. Double Showdownda Gene, Bull comic can be deadly when matched with short range players, because pulling one allows teammates to easily finish them off. This has been made more consistent because he can reload his Gene Super with four full attacks.
  4. Gene's Super interrupts enemy attacks and Supers so Carl's Super, Franc'Download the in Super, etc. It can stop.
  5. Gene's Super is an incredibly useful skill hit.                                                                         Bounty Hunt ve Diamond Catch can target the highest value target and drag them to your team for an easy blast. It's also a great way to fight enemies with low health.
  6. super ability,Big Gamecan also be used very effectively by dragging the boss towards the group of allies so they can deal extra damage.
  7. The effectiveness of Gene's Super can be more important when used in Events with Editors enabled. It can be used to lure enemies to the area where meteorites will land, or to distract them from energy drinks and medicinal mushrooms.
  8. Siegeda Gene with Super Siege He can pull his robot out of the base. Alternatively, he can use his accessory to push the Siege Robot away. These tactics can give your team more time to repel the siege.
  9. Gene can also pull the enemy within range of his team's turret to get the turret to quickly defeat them (unless the turret is attacking another target, so it's recommended to do this only when there is no Siege).
  10. When using Gene's Super, be mindful of who your target is. him in a heavyweight or Shelly in a dangerous Supercharged player like and Reckoning avoid using it on an opponent with a large amount of Power Cubes; doing so in these cases will likely cause kickback.
  11. Because Gene's attack has such a wide spread angle was very effective in shrub controlr. attack, CrowSimilar to 's poison, it's also really effective at dealing minor chip damage that prevents enemies from healing.
  12. Enchanted Mist star power  due to the lack of teammates One ShowdownaIt won't work in , so Single showdowna'and always star power Soul Slap use.

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