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In this writing Gale Brawl Stars Features and Costumes we'll review, hardworking mechanic Gale Brawl Stars; One of the game's most impressive support heroes with crowd control abilities, long range and high attack speed. Gale We will provide information about Features, Star Powers, Accessories and Costumes.

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Gale Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

3600 soulful Gale He is a tireless mechanic who does not rest. With his blower, he blasts his enemies with a wide blast of wind and snow, while his Superpower pushes them back with a mighty snowstorm!
Gale, Season 1: Tara's BazaarOne that can be unlocked as a Brawl Pass reward at Level 30 or unlocked from Brawl Boxes. Chromatic Warrior. Has moderate health and moderate damage. however, it can still provide large amounts of benefit. Gale uses a snow thrower to fire waves of damaging snowballs. With her Super, Gale can create a wide, long-range wind and snow that can knock back enemies.

accessory, Trampoline, Creates a launch pad underneath that can launch both allies and enemies to launch them across the map.

First Star Power Stun Shot, Causes enemies pushed back into obstacles to be stunned.

Second Star Power Freezing Icebriefly slows enemies hit by his main attack.

Class: Help

Attack: Polar Vortex ;

Gale launches a massive snowball wall at her enemies!
Gale fires 6 long-range snowballs that travel in a straight, wide line, each dealing low damage. Snowballs are fired directly next to each other and spread instantly. This burst, however, cripples Gale's ability to deal maximum damage at empty spot range, but makes it easier to sweep away brush as a result.

Super: Gale Storm!

Gale sends out a powerful gust of wind and blizzard, pushing back any enemies in her path.
Gale's Super creates a wide wind-like projectile that traverses obstacles and lakes and blasts enemies away. Enemies pushed back by the storm also take a small amount of damage.

Brawl Stars Gale Costumes

  • Merchant Gale(Brawl Pass costume)
  • Nutcracker Gale(Christmas costume)(Supercell Make costume)

Galley Features

Level 1 Health/10. Level Health: 3600/4760
Level 1 Damage/10. Level Damage: 280/392
Movement Speed: 720
Reload Rate: 1,2 saniye
Attack Range: 8,33 8,33
Super Attack Range: 10
Supercharge Per Hit: 8,4%/12,5% ​​(The first is the basic attack, the second is the super attack value.)
Health ;
Level Health
1 3600
2 3780
3 3960
4 4140
5 4320
6 4500
7 4680
8 4860
9 – 10 5040


Attack Super
Aralık 8.33 Aralık 10
reload 1,2 saniye Supercharge per hit 12.5%
Number of bullets per attack 6 bullet speed 5000
Supercharge per hit 8.4% super width 5
bullet speed 3000
Attack width 2
Level Damage per snowball Level Damage
1 280 1 100
2 294 2 105
3 308 3 110
4 322 4 115
5 336 5 120
6 350 6 125
7 364 7 130
8 378 8 135
9 – 10 392 9 – 10 140

Gale Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : Stun Blow ;

Gale's Super now stuns enemies pushed against obstacles from his Super.
If Gale's Super pushes enemies into walls, rope fences, or lakes, he is stunned for 1 second.

warrior's 2. star power : Freezing Ice ;

Gale's snowballs now also slow enemies for 0,3 seconds.
Gale's main attack will be slowed for 0,3 seconds when it hits an enemy. Freezing Ice does not affect enemies hit by Gale's Super.

Galley Accessory

Warrior's accessory: Trampoline ;

Gale drops a jump pad under her feet, knocking both her friends and foes into the air.
Once activated, a launchpad appears below it, launching it in the direction it's facing. Similar to normal launch pads, it also launches players and enemies. Note that rapma can be hidden in bushes and its duration is indefinite. However, War Ballafter a goal has been scored or If the gale uses the accessory again, the ramp will disappear. launch pad War BallIf they throw a player with the ball, they drop the ball. These launchpads have a 12-frame launch power, unlike regular launchers that have a 6-frame launch power. The launch pads that Gale produces are yellow.

Gale Brawl Stars Extraction Tactic

Gale is one of the characters that everyone wants to play and can change the fate of team fights. Gale, like many other characters, can be purchased from the shop using diamonds. Players who do not want to use diamonds can also choose to open boxes.

Galley Tips

  1. Since snowballs do not originate from the center of the attack, up to 4 snowballs will hit targets at close range unless the target moves significantly.
  2. Gale's Super allows him to turn enemies in his favor depending on the situation. He can either push them away from him and his team to save them, or push the enemy team into his own, allowing allied short-range players to deal more damage.
  3. enemies ReckoningA combination of Gale's Super and her accessory can also be used to propel venom clouds.
  4. As they do more damage as the distance increases emz ve Piper Be careful when dealing with some players like ReckoningAnd it's better to push it through the poison clouds.
  5. Gale can be a huge asset to her team in Cannon, as her accessory can help them get back into the action by placing her accessory at the bottom of her target, and her Super ability can knock them away while snatching the ball from a carrier. ball. Gale's Super also affects the ball's landing position if the ball is being carried, potentially allowing him to score 3 squares away from the enemy's goal.
  6. galley, In the Hot Zone It is an outstanding Control Warrior for Her Signature ability knocks back the enemy, allowing time for allies to heal and allies to deal damage. Gale's accessory is also a valuable aid, as the launch pad allows allies to reach areas faster and provide a solid defense in the area.
  7. Gale's accessory in 3v3 mods should be used in his team's spawn area to quickly recover from defeats or gain quick area control at the start of the match.

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