How to Eliminate a Player While Swimming in Fortnite Eliminated?

Fortnite How to Eliminate a Player While Swimming? Eliminated? ;Fortnite One of the Season 6 Week 10 challenges focuses on eliminating a player while swimming, and this post is here to help you…

Fortnite Season 6 Week 10 missions are now available, one of which instructs fans to eliminate a player while swimming. While this isn't the most difficult task ever to come up in the game, some players may find it a bit difficult to complete any less. Helping these players is the definitive purpose of this guide and fans who keep reading, Fortnite's "eliminate a player while swimming" challenge should have no issues.

To start with a quick explanation, the qualifier will use this new Fortnite He is a player who must swim for his fight. This is why fans shouldn't waste their time targeting floating opponents unless they're in the water, as these qualifiers will not be included in the mission. While this is already obvious to some players, it is certainly possible that the style of the challenge will confuse others a bit.

How to Eliminate a Player While Swimming in Fortnite

Once this is established, the easiest way to eliminate a player while swimming Team RumbleIt will be directed to . Indeed, these players Fortnite In game mode they're in almost constant combat, making it pretty easy to pull an already damaged opponent out of the water. Since the storm will bring everyone closer together, fans can make this process even easier by scheduling their qualifiers when swimming late in a match.

For players who choose to take on this challenge in Solo, Duos or Teams, targeting a body of water adjacent to a popular landing point is probably the best approach. To give a more specific example, Fortnite fans of the water between these two locations lazy lakeboth Misty Meadowsand players who started their matches nearby should quickly grab a gun and then jump into the lake. can get a qualifying point quite consistently.

The reward for players to receive after completing this challenge is 24.000 XP. This award Fortnite Season 6 It will give a nice boost to players working on upgrading the Battle Pass and will therefore be highly attractive to many. Finishing the “Complete one player while swimming” challenge is definitely not the only way to earn XP this week, as there are a variety of other missions centered around sand castles, pickaxe destroying, demolishing structures, and more.