League of Legends Champion Jinx Arrives in Fortnite

Jinx, Champion of League of Legends, Arrives in Fortnite; Fortnite and League of Legends Crossover: Jinx is coming to the island. ; Fortnite and crossover – this was pretty common in the past. New, however, is a collaboration with League of Legends that should arrive soon.

League of Legends Champion Jinx Arrives in Fortnite

Starting at midnight on November 5, the “Arcane Jinx” outfit, ” Arcane: League of Legends It will be available in the item shop along with the following additional items from the set:

  • “Peng-Peng-Zermalmer”-Spitzhacke
  • "Jinxed" spray motif
  • “Jinx's Dream Monkey” back accessory
  • “Playground” lobbies (instrumental)
  • “Make Chaos” loading screen
  • “Peng!”-Ladebildschirm


Epic Games' Battle Royale shooter has only been around for a few years, but already the list of crossovers with famous personalities or fictional characters appearing in Fortnite is almost endless. The collaboration with another world-famous online game from Riot Games called MOBA League of Legends is not part of the game yet. According to some leaks, this should change soon

At 5:01 on November 00, all LoL and Fortnite fans can purchase the skin in the in-game store.

Is LoL Champion Jinx rocking Fortnite Island?

League of Legends fans are going through a really exciting time right now. In addition to the ongoing World Championships, Riot Games is also preparing to celebrate the upcoming release of the LoL series “Arcane” on Netflix. Among other things, we are currently collaborating with other games from Riot as well as games from other developers. Also with Fortnite? Yes, at least Leaky Shiina says on Twitter.

According to speculation, League of Legends Champion Jinx will come to Fortnite as a playable character. He is best known to LoL fans for his long blue hair and rocket that he normally fires at his opponents in Bot Lane. However, we don't yet know if Jinx will only be available as an appearance in the Item Shop or if the collaboration will result in additional content.

The leak also did not give an exact date for the Fortnite and League of Legends transition. The October 30 tweet only mentioned "next week", which will at least coincide with the November 6 release of the Netflix series Arcane.