Where to Find Fortnite: Junk Rift

Fortnite: Where to Find Junk Rift? | Fortnite's latest update introduces the divisive Junk Rift item, and this guide tells players where to find it.

When it comes to Fortnite, it seems that the only thing that doesn't change is change. The hugely popular free-to-play game is in constant flux with its content, from specified locations to NPCs, vehicles and weapons – many favorites come and go. Now a returning item is one that has proven to be quite divisive among players: The Junk Rift.

First added in Episode 1's Season X, Fortnite's Junk Rift item is a throwable item that creates a large falling object by creating a Rift above the area where it fell. The product has seen its fair share of technical issues with the Junk Rift being disabled after only a few days in the game. Junk Rifts have been vaulted otherwise since the start of Fortnite Chapter 2, making it the first time the item has returned to the item pool in nearly three years.

Where to Find Junk Rift

Fortnite: Junk Rift

As part of Fortnite's latest update, Junk Rift is now available on the island, and thankfully it's not too hard to find. An epic tiered (purple) item, Fortnite players can find Junk Valleys as loot off the ground, in Chests, and Supply Drops. By dropping in single amounts, players can stack up to four items in total. Junk Rifts spawns a random prop like a metal dinosaur, but still deals 200 damage if hit directly regardless of what spawns. Objects from Junk Rifts also deal up to 100 shockwave damage, making it a pretty powerful item.

Junk Rifts are also good at knocking down structures, making it one of the most effective ways to deal with opponents who use it heavily as a tactic. The resulting object instantly drags all builds, making it a faster alternative to Firefly Jars and even the fairly new Ripsaw Launcher weapon. While Ripsaw Launcher is designed to smash builds and hack continuously over a period of time, it's only in a straight line, making it pretty narrow in scope. Junk Rift objects destroy anything in their path and are much larger than a saw blade.

The other key component of Fortnite's latest update is new crossover content with Rocket League. Fortnite's Rocket League Live missions are now available, giving players a chance to win a variety of Rocket League cosmetics. The event also offers a unique look at the popular Team Rumble mode, which ties directly to the outcome of the Rocket League World Championship games, the main reason for the transition. Now I wish Epic would allow Junk Rifts in Rocket League.

Only about a month into the current episode, players should make sure to quickly earn their remaining Season 3 Battle Stars if they want to unlock Darth Vader or any of this season's Super Tier Styles.