Where Are The Fortnite Football Characters? | Neymar Jr. costume

Where Are The Fortnite Football Characters? | Neymar Jr. costume ; Fortnite's new Neymar Jr. Players working to unlock his costume can find three football player locations in this short article.

Fortnite'also Neymar Jr. To unlock his skin, players must overcome several new challenges revolving around football characters. Indeed, fans should talk to football players and complete quests, but they need to know where to find these NPCs before either of these things are done. Fortunately, tracking football characters in Fortnite isn't all that difficult, and this guide details three positions players should focus on.

first football character position, Fortnite a named area on the west side of the map Holly HedgesIt is at the eastern end of. In this position, players will find a goal placed against a tall fence, and the NPC will wander right in front of it. After finding this football player, the fans interact with them and Neymar Jr. are free to accept a task to progress in their challenges.

Holly Hedges'For fans who choose not to visit Pleasant ParkThere is a second football character on the wide field inside. Of the three places where soccer players can be found, this is perhaps the most obvious due to its size and limitations, and many fans are likely to aim for it. This, Fortnite means that their players have to expect some competition on the field and prepare themselves accordingly.

Finally, the fans Dirty DocksThey may find a third player on a small field tucked away in the southeast corner of . As with Holly Hedges, this is a single-target setup, making it a little more inconspicuous than the one found in Pleasant Park. Still, in Fortnite Neymar Jr. While there are many players looking to earn their skin, fans shouldn't be too surprised if they encounter an enemy or two when trying to get close to this NPC.

After talking to a football character for a while, he tells the players that the other two Neymar Jr. You will be given a soccer ball toy used in the fight. More specifically, fans will be instructed to kick their toy 500 meters and score a goal with it, and those who do will receive a special back and pickaxe. However, for players to complete these additional challenges, Neymar Jr. must have the costume, which should be new first Fortnite means they need to focus on unlocking your outfit.