Where to Collect Fortnite Season 6 Literature Samples?

Fortnite Where to Collect Season 6 Literature Samples? ; Fortnite Season 6 One of the Week 2 Challenges collects literature samples for players, and this guide lays out where players should look.

Fortnite The second week of Season 6 continues, and with it comes a new set of challenges for players to complete. One of them forces players to find examples of literature from various parts of the island.

Epic GamesThe popular free-to-play battle royale officially kicked off its sixth season last week. Fortnite's new “Primal” The themed season brings many new items to the game's meta, including animals, new POIs, and a weapon crafting system. Players now have the option to craft first weapons that trade accuracy for increased firepower, but this challenge does not require any combat.

Fortnite players will need to watch a total of four literature samples, located in three different locations: Lazy Lake, Pleasant Park, and Retail Row. Retail Row has a total of five literature samples with only one known location. Here is our article on exactly where the examples are located…

Where Can I Collect Literature Samples?

Where to Collect Fortnite Season 6 Literature Samples?
Where to Collect Fortnite Season 6 Literature Samples?

Lazy Lake: The first example can be found in the southwest corner at Lazy Lake Spa, essentially the opposite corner of last week's Lazy Lake anomaly challenge. Head to the underground parking lot and players will find a magazine rack under a ladder, under the Lazy Lake Spa sign. For the second example, head northwest from the hot spring to the two-story gas station. On the ground floor, the next sample will come to the wall opposite a soda fountain machine.

Pleasant Park: Another literary example is located in the light blue house on the western edge of Pleasant Park. Go through the front door and immediately turn left to find a bookshelf. Players can get the second instance in this area from the brick house in the northwest corner. Enter the front door as well and you can find the specimen in the room on the left under the stairs.

Retail Row: The fifth and last (known) literature sample location is in the easternmost building on Retail Row. As players face the facade of the building, they will want to enter McGullin's bookstore on the right. The last example can be found on the back of the business.
It should be repeated that only four samples are required to complete the challenge, so players may want to skip the Retail Queue entirely unless they can figure out how to travel fast enough. Fortnite players who complete this challenge will be rewarded with 24.000 XP.

This challenge is pretty easy and a little simpler than last week's somewhat confusing anomaly challenges. While it's nothing new for Fortnite to introduce new challenges, that's not all that battle royale can do. Fortnite will host a Kaskade concert at Party Royale as part of its latest Llama-Rama crossover event with Rocket League, so even those who don't own the Battle Pass challenges can enjoy some extra content.